Urgent search and rescue after massive tornado in Alabama

The tornado that hit the area of Beauregard, Alabama, measured nearly 1 mile wide and had wind speeds up to 170 mph, authorities said.
3:29 | 03/05/19

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Transcript for Urgent search and rescue after massive tornado in Alabama
get to that dangerous deep freeze affecting 100 million. Temperatures plunging from the rockies to the deep south and here in the northeast. Ginger is starting us off from Philadelphia. Good morning, ginger. Good morning, robin. It will feel like the single digits by tomorrow morning here in Philadelphia but we've broken records as far south as Waco, Texas, in the 20s. Nothing compared to what happened in South Dakota. They had their coldest windchill ever recorded in March, sioux Falls, it was 43 below. You see the video from interstate 29. A ground blizzard with the wind so you don't even need snow flying to have a blizzard. Chicago, coldest March temperature in 17 years. It will keep going and the freeze warnings are as deep south as the coast. North Carolina, feels like, 20 in Montgomery, it comes here by tomorrow morning. You'll feel like zero, Michael. All right, ginger, not records we want to set but they are what they are. Thank you so much. That bitter cold is setting in as rescue crews search for those missing after that devastating tornado in Alabama. It is the deadliest twister since 2013 and time is running out as temperatures become dangerously cold this morning and ABC's Steve osunsami is on the scene in Beauregard, Alabama, with more. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning. All of this you see behind me is a home that belonged to a state trooper who is still hospitalized. At one point he was in the icu. Authorities say that all of the people who were killed here lived in one scare mile area of destruction which you can see here. Cars that were pushed into places where they shouldn't be, homes that were moved into streets. The people here were hit hard. Authorities now say the tornado that hit Alabama was an ef-4, nearly a mile wide with wind speeds of 170 miles an hour. Tornadoes this strong are rare and violent. This one was on the ground for nearly 24 miles. This is a disaster. Reporter: This rural Alabama neighborhood is in pain this morning planning 23 funerals. Three of them for children including 10-year-old Taylor Thornton, she was visiting a home here when the tornado tore through. We lost children, mothers, fathers neighbors and friends. Reporter: Kevin and Becky Boyd walked away with the clothes they were wearing. One of their friends was killed. God is merciful. Mother nature, ain't. It's hard to describe. One day you got everything. Reporter: David Mcbride had tears in his eyes when he explained how he lost his bar to the storm but kept his life. Had the tornado hit the day before, he says hundreds of people who normally pack the inside of his business could have been hurt. God took me out of the club business but spared my life. Reporter: Authorities say they still have dozens of people unaccounted for who they hope are with friends and family. None of the searches turned up anyone but did find this missing puppy. A small ray of light on these awful days. This is such difficult work for authorities who tell us that there are six people who they found dead who they have not yet been able to identify at this point. Some of the people here lost their entire immediate family. George. So heartbreaking. We move on to Washington

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{"duration":"3:29","description":"The tornado that hit the area of Beauregard, Alabama, measured nearly 1 mile wide and had wind speeds up to 170 mph, authorities said.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61475736","title":"Urgent search and rescue after massive tornado in Alabama","url":"/GMA/News/video/urgent-search-rescue-massive-tornado-alabama-61475736"}