Wildfires burn out of control in the Southwest

Evacuations are underway in northern New Mexico as thousands of acres burn while thunderstorms, tornadoes and flash flood threaten the Plains and Southeast.
2:36 | 06/02/18

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Transcript for Wildfires burn out of control in the Southwest
Say good morning and let's get straight to the breaking weather news on two fronts overnight we saw both severe weather in the midwest and also explosive. Growth and a massive wildfire in New Mexico is burning out of control. And forcing folks out of their homes particularly this harrowing newly released video a man caught on the highway would fire is raging on how both sides of them. Rob is here with the latest on all of this little busy morning. Yeah we really weren't did you now so obviously hurricane season will release summer weather and for the folks out west were to fire season and as you saw hundreds. Having to flee their homes. A. Overnight dramatic images as a wildfire rages out of control in northern New Mexico. My hands are like. Flames closing in as this driver daring Lee races through you'd park trying to get out. Evacuations underway. I've got all six of my animals my wife might. Moment everybody else already to go. This morning the wild fire 0% contained with more than 161000. Acres charred. More than a dozen structures burned nearly 300 more threatened evacuees uncertain when they'll be able to return home. Here I was gonna do very leaving home you're doing just leave on the weekends. We've got good firefighters and they're pretty good so. I think he fell BC. And in southern Colorado hundreds of evacuated as this while fire burns north of Durango a state of local disaster declared. Meanwhile severe weather whipping up from the plains to the southeast. At least eleven reported tornadoes from Nebraska and North Dakota. In Wyoming are reported twister and Gillette destroying homes and injuring two people and in the south hail and rain pouring down on Jacksonville Florida. Lot of humidity in the air across much of the country so you see it was heavy. Almost tropical downpours we've got severe weather threat this morning has some rough stuff moved through Kansas City overnight with a lot of lightning and now he had a severe thunderstorm watch up. That's a nine effect for parts of eastern Kansas ends much of Missouri. 4 especially this morning up to about new time and thunderstorms popping later on today Saint Louis Springfield damaging winds large hail maybe a tornado or two. But some of these winds certainly can be a damaging now. Soil saturated DC. That area seeing twice the amount of rainy typically have for me so we're talking about the facts of flash flooding today with just a little bit of rain or privacy a lot here the next 36 hours so that's what a flash flood watch is up maybe three or four inches of rain also would. Watching for a messy weekend in a minute flat.

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{"duration":"2:36","description":"Evacuations are underway in northern New Mexico as thousands of acres burn while thunderstorms, tornadoes and flash flood threaten the Plains and Southeast.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55604775","title":"Wildfires burn out of control in the Southwest","url":"/GMA/News/video/wildfires-burn-control-southwest-55604775"}