Wildfires continue to blaze across the West

A heat wave in the West is fueling wildfires.
2:11 | 07/08/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Wildfires continue to blaze across the West
Excessive heat warnings continue today we have dozens of large uncontained fire still burning in the west. With more on that let's go to ABC's will Carr who's in the leader California this morning good morning well. Good morning rob the homeowner who lived here says that he saw a wall of flame bearing down on the south and a split second in bird dropped down. And you can see what slap checked out he singles these are on the roof now buried in this ash this is more destruction. In this young fire season. Wildfires wreaking Havoc this weekend fierce flames continuing to burn throughout the west record setting heat bone dry brush in dangerous sundown. Winds fueled the holiday fire near Santa Barbara. Forty at least twenty homes forcing thousands to evacuate with just seconds notice Damien David tome and and their five kids losing their homes that started. Our half liter. You know he was completely engulfed there's nothing really describe the feeling to wake you doing everything you had your entire life is gone and secondly that. Firefighters waging war and its borders across the region. A dangerous game of whack the ball jumping on one only to see another night in take off. Helicopters swooping in after two set in fires ignited near Los Angeles one forcing evacuations in Burbank the other threatening homes in Granada Hills. Some residents fighting the fires themselves. Near lows of the Pope on and shares are with a neighbors who didn't have the doses. Just outside San Diego firefighters hitting much needed relief as the west fire dies down but flames. Still burning among the ruins of devoured home after devoured pro. Back in Santa Barbara County sifting through the rubble the two Coleman's coming to terms with the long road ahead just. Be grateful for your family your friends and beloved land is really at least we have that. Barker is doing a great job upping their containment numbers this week him but this is an area that's been ravaged by disaster towards the end of last year. There was the Thomas fired the largest bought wildfire ever in California's history. That was followed by deadly mudslides. And now this fire Dan. All he just looks like a war zone there well thank you for reporting from passing went out the fire season is still young. It certainly is.

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{"id":56438610,"title":"Wildfires continue to blaze across the West","duration":"2:11","description":"A heat wave in the West is fueling wildfires.","url":"/GMA/News/video/wildfires-continue-blaze-west-56438610","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}