Woman impaled by beach umbrella prompts safety warning

A Santa Monica lifeguard captain tells "GMA" how to safely secure an umbrella in the sand to avoid it being swept away.
2:58 | 07/18/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Woman impaled by beach umbrella prompts safety warning
B now with a summer danger. Beach umbrellas swept up by the fly through the air. A woman hit each in new Jersey just thisweek. Gio Benitez there in point pleasaith the story. Good morning,gio. Reporter: Hey, robin. Yeah, this is something we don't thinkut an a tusand pple end up in the er base offlyay umbrellas and wait till you see thesvideos because they show ow danger T. Watch as witnesses capture B ellas out of control. These eyyers in Ono, stunned umbrellas around them flight and in ocean city Maryland, in 2015 a bystander filming as the wind pic up these umbrellas and turm into ec the video's wild and situation incredibly dangerous. Cld waveire to the woman with the umbrella. Don't removet till tribor gets the. We're not planning unit. Repr: Just ts Monday in Seaside he New Jersey, a 67-year-old T fromondon struck by a flying umbrel E its spokes piercing her ankle. I there. There was an emt in Jersey who beat M to it he had a med ki put a tourniquet like to hold the ding and we jt held on to The womaning telling ABC news it W beautifulay andha a gust of wind was to blame. That woman is in conon and recovering T M but in Virginia Beach in 26 an aine Umbrell Kil -year-old ilk. Lynn Stevens a knows the dangers first. Shwas impaled by a flyawa umbrella a Maryland beach in 2010. The wd picked it straight it went T into thigh. Lucky someone on the beach was alsoching and tried to cat the umla me. Reporter: We went to Santa Monica beach, ocean lifeguard captain hul row rodez telling us how to truly secure an umbll in the sand. Firs he says make sure it'st least 16 inches do you can either use a shovel T dig T hole deep enough to set thke pack it in or onceive the she rock it bd forth and that gets it I deepero the sand. Reporter: I want tow you is other device. Thech bub build a base and check I out. Once you it up wi sand 125nds of weight. This isn't going anre. It's been teste through 35-mile-per-ur winds. This system is about 140 so expensive but you could start with just that base for 35 bucks. What a gre idea.thank you. Thank you,gio. Appreciate that. Looking good out there. O. But I was telling you GU in Florida a few years ago and E same thing happened. Yon' it. That is danger us. T really catch your attention. Good foation. The sign language

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"A Santa Monica lifeguard captain tells \"GMA\" how to safely secure an umbrella in the sand to avoid it being swept away.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"56658609","title":"Woman impaled by beach umbrella prompts safety warning ","url":"/GMA/News/video/woman-impaled-beach-umbrella-prompts-safety-warning-56658609"}