Deals and Steals on stylish ways to beat the heat

Tory Johnson has exclusive discounts for “GMA” viewers on summer clothing and accessories.
8:52 | 07/16/20

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Transcript for Deals and Steals on stylish ways to beat the heat
I'm always impressed with her but you got blockbuster "Deals & steals." I do, indeed. Yes, we're in the backyard. I'm wearing as many as I can, we'll explain all of this coming up. So many great deal thanks to our Tory Johnson who is standing by. Tory, I need to see you and the wind blower that you have. Tory is at her pool ironically in her apartment and let's get right to it. So many great deals, right? Yes, so first up, Lara, coolibar. You and I were raving about this company yesterday. This is sun protection that you wear. This company makes two different types of clothing. All of it has sun protection. One is for swim and then there's all the products that are just for everyday, pant, tops, dresses, scarves, you name it. They've got something. I know that you love the zebra swim shirt. They actually make the same zebra swim shirt also for just everyday activities and the best thing is, every time you wear this stuff your skin is protected. This company has been recognized often for its efforts to help prevent skin cancer. We've got options for women, men, kids, a gazillion thing, the big hat is one of my favorite things, you look gorgeous in everything, though. And it's all 50% off. So how do you beat that? All of the prices from coolibar rank from $5 to $50 today. I wanted to share with everybody that we -- and the camera froze for a second so, America, bear with us. We're shooting live from the backyard. I was showing another one of the wonderful shishts you were just talking about. An amazing deal there. Also want to get to the next deal right away. There are so many I don't want to run out of time. Hit it, Tory. Buttercloth. So you know this company as well as I do. They make what they call the world's most comfortable shirts for men. Short sleeve and long sleeve. All button down and the magic with these is the fabric. It's a cotton blend that has the perfect amount of what they call six-way stretch. This is one that year round you text me to ask when is buttercloth coming back? You bought them also for Christmas. Yes. Great deal today to buy them because they're 00% off so they start at $54 and then, Lara, we'll stick with shirts here because now we'll switch over to women's shirts. Great company called foxcroft. I know you have a group of them there. This is the no maintenance, no iron shirt. It will look beautiful coming right out of the dryer and that's great, low maintenance, no maintenance, these tops are great. They're also what I love about this brand is that it's size inclusive, 2 to 24w so a great day to stock up on some of them. This is like a year round top. 50% off. They start at $39.50 and from foxcroft free shipping. That's awesome. I want to get to these too because -- I do, I do. My daughter was eyeing these. I told her no touch. That we are very busy with "Deals & steals" but these are super cute and really, really great material. They are such good material because they stretch but don't stretch out. Huge assortment from skinnytees. Not only their classic tank tops in every single color but dresses, dusters, lots of things, size inclusive. Everything today is up to 60% off so the prices range from $11.00 to $44 and then you've got some yummie shapewear there. This, yeah, the shapewear. I'm wearing it, Tory. Hold on. You are? Are you wearing all the pieces? Yeah, I'm wearing the -- I'm wearing the black and the swimshirt in -- I'm sorry. I was trying to fill you in, the swimshirt in zebra and I'm wearing the black leggings and these are so comfortable. They feel like shape wear but don't feel like sausage casing. You know what I mean. When it's too tight. A little hug, not so squeezing suffocating. We've got shaping shorts, top, dresses, a big assortment. All 50% off, $9 to $29. Awesome. Awesome. Then last -- I believe the last deal for right now. Yes, we do. Sensible sneakers and sandals. That's what she's are about. Sensible shoes. We have a huge assortment, not just the sneakers you have there. Sandals too. All about cushioning and support to alleviate aches and pains, big assortment. All 50% off. They're $65. Love these, I already showed these to mom and, yes, I am Christmas shopping. Butter for the boys, she's sneaks for the girls and maybe a few things for myself. Go to our website and check the deals. Thank you for all the companies participating. We have more "Deals & steals" coming up on "Good morning America." Oh, we love our new home. Neighborhood's great. Amazing school district. The hoa has been very involved. These shrubs aren't board approved. You need to break down your cardboard. Thank you. Violation. Violation. I see you've met Cynthia. At least Geico makes bundling our home and car insurance easy. And it does help us save a bunch of money. Two inches over regulation. Thanks, Cynthia. For bundling made easy, go to Back now with the "Gma" moment sponsor We have a wonderful guest joining us now. She is an Emmy award winning actress who plays lady may on the hit show "Greenleaf." Please welcome Lynn Whitfield

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{"duration":"8:52","description":"Tory Johnson has exclusive discounts for “GMA” viewers on summer clothing and accessories.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71814950","title":"Deals and Steals on stylish ways to beat the heat","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/deals-steals-stylish-ways-beat-heat-71814950"}