‘GMA’ Deals and Steals for your indoor-outdoor summer

Tory Johnson has exclusive discounts for “GMA” viewers on items to help you prepare for the season.
7:26 | 06/17/21

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Transcript for ‘GMA’ Deals and Steals for your indoor-outdoor summer
All right it is time now for day two of our deals and steals some are but mandatory Johnson to bring who was. This week he's got all the of some activities covered into it outdoors. Point your cell phone Cameron epic cold on the screen. To get right to the deal but let's get right toward Johnson hello good morning to you Torre let's start here beach or pool. You gotta have something need to cover up and what we have here first. That's right TJ simple songs this is created by a mom who was frustrated. Went so wrong that wouldn't stay put us so she created this one and then magic is in the placement of the buses very strategically placed. To fit and flatter worry free because it won't fall down there are both Terry can't as well as. A microfiber option and it is also matching hooded towels for kids. It's a perfect piece that you will keepers season after season 50% off today they started. Nineteen dollars Torre Robin immediately agreed that the wrong that's being we're supposed to with a being so she's endorsing that went for sure. What's next their hats as an extra protection. Swim lanes at these cats that have built since sun protection right into the fabric so they're perfect for signing and used in the water as well. They have a a bucket hat that will stay put on a windy day and they are lightweight easy to pack quick drying we have sizes from infants to adults and a range of really beautiful patterns this once great for the whole family at 50% off they started. All right everybody studio try to get me to put one on so let's move to the next item. Huge we had to choose what makes that he's used special Stewart. They are both fashionable and water friendly they are shoes for men women and kids they are quick drying neoprene offers and then a protective rubber soul so to think TJ about. Ocean swimming rocky beaches wet city paid may if you will look effortlessly chic and also you will not ruin your shoes because they are made. To withstand the water they start today 50% off at thirty short. And they float on water but they will not allow you to walk on water we need to put that disclaimer. Out there and next up here we have sun screen like a lot of sun screen often sold what's the big deal with these. This is black girl sun screen it was created specifically for women of color but it is loved by everyone wept all skin town and that's because up to special things. No white residue no sneaky feeling understand nobody wants either of those they also have moisturizing ingredients in this formula. Like avocado and shape latter two options for kids and adults at 50% off their five to 950. All right and what. I'll also are I'm playing catch with a stunned me with Robin right now she's trying to get some of the stuff okay where let's go to the next thing here. Protection for our phones going into the water would amount looking at here. Yeah act soon this op wall fall and it allows you to protect your phone. From water sand dirt you name it because. It is eight triple steal design it's that also reinforced quarters its benefit awful inside this and it allows you to take photos videos listen to music Tex let everyone I do. In the water even under water anyway and it will protect your font and it also floats the you don't have to worry about losing it. Fifteen dollar okay checks at the good when there all right now let's move to some fun and games here. New game this is a new game you can play out I would've that's. It's really cool it's called cross net it is for waved volleyball sand volleyball meets that childhood classic. Foursquare it's an exciting game for the beach to the park a big backyard. And it comes with absolutely everything so that you have the net and uphold the ball even a backpack to take it around. Competitive fun for all ages because the polls are. You can Najaf the heights that you've got little ones playing big ones playing hard are all playing together sets up in just minutes and I promise you'll have years of action with its lack. The entire yeah. Today at 50% off its 75 dollars and we're gonna turn now to a deals and steals fan favorite who always hands or have a right. Big big anticipation on social media for this one coming back today. Because it is the perfect size and shape to replace eight traditional pieces of cookware in this one hand you can fry sought pay steam. It has and nonstick ceramic coating that delivers. Really superior performance without excessive oil it's exquisitely designed no detail is overlooked and the colors he can't art's stunning. At 50% off exclusively at GMA. 72 fix it and we're morning folks around here you got some gourmet coffee reports. We got cool coffee left after starting a popular hair care line the main to waste the founder turned her passion it to. Something else she laughs and that is coffee and his coffee is it's a bowl pays detectable I don't his dad says that delectable flavor. Hot it's got rave reviews you get sixteen single serve cops that are compatible with all the major. 600850. Today that uniform on short parent. Yes good memory around and this is bug bite thing and it's designed to eliminate the problem of bug bites instead of masking and that's think that it's a little suction that extracts. The insect that now must saliva straight from the right on the skin's surface so eight will suck it out. Com and eighty isn't chemical free reusable safe for all ages just eat medianews as well he will get three of them today at our deal up 1253. In the first half price and I got it these cushions looked so Kobe Torre. They are the are from cushion lab they are shaped that my. Arrogant comment inside the company that specializes in developing these particular hell as Phil trans from any home chair with a thick cushy and that delivers a really delightful pressure relieving support. There's a back relief hello that you can use in a variety of places and that relief pillow we have even more that's online all 50% off the daily star. Six dollars and what isn't here and we have another. Deal who still straighter right here Torre. Yes prom night. We have both silk. And satin pillow cases. Both of them are gonna help win. Smooth skin healthy hair there's an option even for person elevation on the silk ones that I love. Beautiful colors to choose from all 50% off or more the price. Thirty dollars and free shipping from night. And it looked up Amy robot they are you're all set here OK you've got it. I couldn't film about the flat steel because I think it's Grady gets girls evolved and stand doesn't it Torre. Gas Goldie locks so creative thinking facial skills problem solving construction planning these are easy fun kits for every day perfect rainy day activity. Friendship bracelets needy persons 50% off they started seventh. All right you have done it yet again thank you Torre we appreciate it. And we want to let everybody know that you partner with these companies on these deals and get them by going to our website.

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{"duration":"7:26","description":"Tory Johnson has exclusive discounts for “GMA” viewers on items to help you prepare for the season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"78332133","title":"‘GMA’ Deals and Steals for your indoor-outdoor summer","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/gma-deals-steals-indoor-outdoor-summer-78332133"}