Michael and Keke play the ALDI price challenge

They're teaming up with audience members to see who came name the right price on some amazing products from ALDI.
4:39 | 12/04/19

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Transcript for Michael and Keke play the ALDI price challenge
Your wallet but things work sponsor all the we're going to give you some fun money saving tax. How every holiday all he has everything you could wish for this season including premium food festive decorations in a robust assortment. Entertaining essentials and gifts for everyone on your list and and looking great gift ideas we're gonna play game called the check out you'll. Try some alt a products are two players today are Brendan NT ever. Face and then I'll tell you a little bit about the products from the table I mean you have to gas the price of each product to ever get. Closest to the retail price wins the round pick whoever wins most rounds wins the game okay. The yeah. Everything up cocktail congress we're needs to inner teen including missing it this exclusive sparkling wine countdown to the new year calendar which includes. Instead of different small bottles of bubbly while each course few glasses of sparkling wines you can pop bottles not your wallet and the exclusive sparkling wine that costs another. Okay. Okay. TT SA is. Sixty well that's a scribble party sitting it went right. Anti Michael 5790. Are. Hence. Go to little Larry Kramer promise I'll get out of guys all albeit everything on home chefs wishlists including one of the most popular items of the season Michael need a little touch it. My he's already programmable pressure cooker now this is a pressure cooker slow cooker rice cooker steamer and younger. No we're good yet. OK so how much she's seeing his Indiana nine and one programmable pressure cooker costs and molded. Dean Kiki. 9795. Any actual retail price is high. Okay. Sportsmanship gone on here isn't the big tiebreaker guys OK yeah. Vanderbilt last round there is something for everyone at all the including nick kids that kids like this adorable dog with multiple outfit. Options in this Q puffy pillow but I want you guessed. It's hard guessing on its how much does this 52 piece magnetic tiles that perfect for kids of all ages costs at all 82 days. 52 pieces my golden. Okay. In the actual retail. No. Okay. The big congratulations to Tina Michael you're going down wit yeah. Allard yeah. I mean you won't name handed friend at all because you're gonna get a hundred dollar get our. And you let go home empty handed to help you get your holiday started albeit sending you all home. Hundred dollar gift.

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{"duration":"4:39","description":"They're teaming up with audience members to see who came name the right price on some amazing products from ALDI.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67496732","title":"Michael and Keke play the ALDI price challenge","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/michael-keke-play-aldi-price-challenge-67496732"}