Sara gets a quarantine hair makeover

Celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton shows her how to achieve a chic new look in just three steps.
5:55 | 05/27/20

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Transcript for Sara gets a quarantine hair makeover
I mean I know I'm not alone wouldn't say warranty Anthony wage more lenient but from here. Pretty it up and belittled every day and between working from home but also in Iraq are the only timed humor. And that. Thrilled to have celebrity here. ER. Eight like. You've heard asking. Creek reached eight in just three east. Chris. How our identity how we eat at you how. Unity backer. In quarantine has been a real challenge me out of bugs. You know in a special way Aaron and passed away and I don't see how he got an initially artery he. And press are being Leno and another storm again. Aren't. Go out I that I enjoy that it was a busy social media Arab or a guards and a thousand. You used I'm I feel lucky as the law Lott had. Pretty sure. And financially. You know pieces of us in Munich and order you know salt. And black suit. Normal. I'm. Finally getting my hair highlighted or do you think but I never take for granted the end. Money. Utility in me a I don't. It is the biggest thing that they didn't want one and opponents in the amount that. Currency. Was you know keep cool like really workshop about double what government that had ever like. It seemed like there won't rule low blows all you got to get ready article actual I'll Levy had. W real in the way you located. I think maybe it is an under a new appreciation. Oh. Oh absolutely. And that fact still in here today I hope. I'm looking here freaking hate war worker who are healthy de kind of get a T. Not. Pretty law. It is basically it. Should be. In. And this is honorable way to I around. And cool out. So you Brady. Yes. I'm gonna to undergo a longer if you rate. Buy to let you rate. So I. Who. Has more on you look you already split like hatter. He kind of already outlet. And that he world already. What I'm nobody raided it. Punitive ways and mean honestly would lead the bureau a pretty easy outs are you. Are useless. Or an old or. Wait a minute climb again might it. Needed for a Cooper who oh. And in power should have been in a war crime than. Her. Really amazes me to get some terrorists even you already know Perry is great because you sure it's there. The error and and here are. I think for me tonight. That's dismal Christmas during quarantine might a lot of people. And around. You know I just last bullet a lot like what they call. Read you don't. End. And it units it should be allowed in the honor guard. It should root McKay in. More rate in America reducing timidly she put in London Mexico. She's like Ingrid aren't about it undergo. He now and great. You know within a round you know you do it wouldn't are aptly. You immediately easily topped you all won here. This year after. I think one never goes up action like good condition I think honestly are from about library and yeah. It used its arms like decent treatment and yeah argument of at a rate you know. Just look like let's do you. Are going bad in great ratings. Ex C. Purity gall great thanks to you art were on an ally. All this Israeli on an elaborate a bit more a need for it. Ladies that most people are for allow or getting onto it and it yet. You know your Euro. Can be innings helping people have been right. Like he gamble in that act similarly use a little bit more the woman transmission remiss is ready view basis a guy. Ali about it. With. This little did a sentence. O'Connor will give them a little bit low at an Olympic. So this is I'll walk out on his dislike under the weight eat we knew Brady gone the way to not be well Margaret. Yet. Unless you like you were you came on a suit and cool like you could rule. Oh a year ago. And our.

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{"duration":"5:55","description":"Celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton shows her how to achieve a chic new look in just three steps.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"70910581","title":"Sara gets a quarantine hair makeover","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/sara-quarantine-hair-makeover-70910581"}