The 2019 Emmy predictions you need to know

Comedian Michelle Collins breaks down this year's Primetime Emmy Awards.
6:08 | 09/20/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The 2019 Emmy predictions you need to know
The 71st prime time Emmy awards are this weekend, with so many nominations it can be difficult to keep track of the favorites and underdogs. Here to help us with a cheat sheet for filling out your ballot is comedian and radio host Michelle Collins. Michelle, thank you for being here. Pleasure always. We love getting your take on these things. We want to start out with outstanding comedy series. If you're going to an Emmy party and filling out the ballot, who are you picking? My choice matters the most. I personally -- keke, by the way loved "Hustlers." Obsessed with you. That's not what this is about. I will spend my time fanning over you. I loved "Fleabag." It's an Amazon prime show. It's starring phoebe waller bridge. She wrote it and is starring in. I think she has a great shot. I have to tell, Michael, it's "Veep's" last season. What about the "Good place"? What was the feedback it got. I know everybody was going crazy over it. I love every single person on that show. I love it. I hope it wins. As we go, we're writing down our answers which we're going to seal in a safe and see who is right. Julia louis-dreyfus everybody adores her. I have a vibe it's going to be "Veep." Let's jump to outstanding lead actress in a comedy. Who is the woman to watch? I mean, three my girl. It's Elaine for god's sake. How can it not be Julia louis-dreyfus? She's amazing. But Catherine o'hare is a treasure. Julia louis-dreyfus survived she's great in "Veep". Julia louis-dreyfus would be the most winning actress of all time. We love her. I don't know if you watched "Dead to me" on Netflix. She was fantastic on it. Michael, if you haven't seen it, clear your schedule. Watch it. Clear your schedule, Michael. Everybody else will be dead to me and I'll just watch the show. How about that? What about outstanding lead actor in a comedy? Lead actor is interesting. I thought this was the same person. It's not. It's Eugene and Ted. That's like the age app, like Russian hacking. Bill Hader for "Barry," is so funny. "Barry" is such a great show. Being we or on ABC, I love me some Anthony Anderson. Who do you think? I love Anthony Anderson. I'm a big "S-creek" person. Eugene levy is wonderful. I know it's for the series, but he's like someone that I feel deserves every award there ever -- Ever created. His son Dan who created Creek is a genius. We're going to move on. Stop trying to look at my answers. I'm not looking at your answers. Outstanding drama series. Who do you like here? I'm a big "Killing eve" girl. Here's the thing, "Game of thrones" had its last season, but can we all agree, I hope George R.R. Isn't watching, it was not great. I hope he turned his hat around and looked away. I feel honestly "Pose" should get it. "Pose" should get it. Michael, have you watched it? I have not. Outstanding lead actor in a drama series. Who do you think? Keke is going to love this. I really think Billy porter has a shot. I do too. He's the first black openly gay man ever nominated for this award. I feel like he's having a moment right now. Yes. He's so talented. Very talented. Kit Harington, I don't know. "Game of thrones," do we want him -- No. I love the show. This last season was a stab in the heart. Lead actress in a drama series. My girl Viola. Yeah. I'll be honest, I think Sandra and Jodie are going to split the vote. I love them. Sandra won last year. I think she had her time. I would love to see Viola. If they're going to give it to any "Game of thrones" person, it's going to be Emelia Clarke. I really think so. They have to award -- those wigs she had on, it ain't easy. Keke, it's a lot, right? Yeah. My opinions are nearly meaningless. I'm so happy to be here. No. You're the best. I love you guys. You taught me so much. I want Creek to win for you, Sara. I know about the hair stuff too. You don't know about no hair stuff. Yes, I do. Give me your ballots. They're sealed. You're so bossy. Where's the safe? I'm going to put them in this safe. We cannot get in there. We're going to know the results on Monday. A big thank you to Michelle

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{"duration":"6:08","description":"Comedian Michelle Collins breaks down this year's Primetime Emmy Awards.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65749676","title":"The 2019 Emmy predictions you need to know","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/2019-emmy-predictions-65749676"}