Allison Williams loves 'The Bachelorette'

The actress has opinions about this season of the reality show.
5:55 | 05/23/19

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Transcript for Allison Williams loves 'The Bachelorette'
the hit TV series "Girls" and the Oscar winning movie "Get out." She stars in the new Netflix film streaming on may 24th called "The perfection." Check it out. Do you ever think about leaving? Back off? It's my family. I can never. Never? No. Never. And anyway, the work, this special work, it's what's expected of us. Please welcome Allison Williams. Hi. Hi. How are you? Hi. Hi. I'll tell you right now, one of my favorite people on the planet. Oh, that is so kind. Very mutual. You're one of the nicest people out there. So nice. I tell everybody that because you really are. We have a question for you. Yeah. I don't know if you watched "All in the family" remake or "The Jeffersons". I did not watch last night but I'm very excited to. I've done a live TV thing and I know how hard it is. Is there a show from the past if they could bring back to do something like that again that you would want to see? "West wing". "West wing". Yeah. Is that old enough? It's off the air. It's been off the air. I could use some president Bartlett in my life righnow. I don't know why. I heard another show you're into right now is the "Bachelorette." Yes. Very much so. On Tuesday we did a recap and I am so in this season. What are your thoughts so far? I mean, Luke is in love. Yeah. I am fascinated. How can he be in love after an episode or two? It's not even an episode or two. It's like 20, 30 cumulative minutes. Yes. It's really like love at first sight. We're going to find out if that's real. Really, 30 minutes is not a long time. First sight, second sight. I'm starting to fall in love with you, what does that mean mean? I don't know. There's a whole language. I'm starting to fall in love, I think I'm falling in love with you, I am officially falling in love with you and then it's like, I'm in love with you, I love you and that's the way it goes. We've all learned that over the years. You know that that's the Evolution. There you go. And your walls are up and I'm vulnerable and boundaries and all that. There's a whole language to that show. You two slightly scare me. I get that a lot. This new movie, "The perfection," your parents have asked you, can you do a movie where we're not on the edge of our seats, like really tense. I know. What are people going to feel when they watch this movie? So many things, all things actually, in fact. I think you may go through every stage of emotion throughout the course of watching this movie. You're going to be grossed out, you'll be a little scared. You'll be confused. You'll question your own life and choices, your friends. You might feel motivated, inspired. There's a lot of things. So you feel close and connected. Yes. We feel very close to this movie as well because it's like something here in times square right there. Oh my goodness. It's your billboard. That is so crazy. Right there. So we are connected to you. That's so weird. I'm so sorry. It must feel like I'm watching you all the time. Are you kidding me, that's awesome. How does it feel for you to see yourself in times square? It's surreal. What if I was like, it's no big deal. Times square with my face in it. Yes, of course it's a huge deal. If I ever get to the point where I am unfazed by my own face in times square, you are allowed to give it a slight tap. Face workout. We'll send you downtown for the face workout. Were your parents relaxed watching this one? No, not at all. The best thing, it was described to me as you'll need a pallet cleanser when you're done. If you have to undo from watching something you've done, I feel it's not relaxing. No, I'm not going to describe this was a way to come down. It's not in the CBD family. Definitely not something you want to do to takes things down. It's lunch, we can CBD. It's an edge of your seat, palms are sweaty experience. However, you're not going to be able to think about anything else. If something is stressing you out in your life, in a way it's a good way to come off of that because you'll be stressed about this instead and it's not your life so great. Wait, wait, question for your parents if you can answer this. Is it more comfortable for your parents to watch you in a horror time where you might die or have sex on "Girls"? Great question. Great question. We did six years of the first thing, a lot of experience doing that. This is so weird, I'm seeing my own face over your shoulder. This is a surreal situation. They've had a lot of practice doing that. I think honestly, they just -- they're worriers so I think they worried about Marnie for six years and then scary movies make them worried just in general but they're less worried about me in those movies. So you're like a walking anxiety attack for them. Slightly but that's been the same throughout my whole life. Got to love kids. If you notice what we did here, we have our cups but we didn't give her a metal spoon so she can clink it. That's true. I have paper for the environment and also so I can't hypnotize anybody. Exactly. Michael said if she pulls out a tea cup I'm walking off. Thank you so much.

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{"duration":"5:55","description":"The actress has opinions about this season of the reality show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63233439","title":"Allison Williams loves 'The Bachelorette' ","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/allison-williams-loves-bachelorette-63233439"}