J.Lo's bruising workout for ‘Hustlers’

Lopez worked hard to get in shape for the film and she's got the bruises to prove it.
3:26 | 09/12/19

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Transcript for J.Lo's bruising workout for ‘Hustlers’
dancing and I had tried it in a fitness class once before. It is so hard, and your opening scene in this film -- Yeah. First of all, it's gaining praise as one of the best opening scenes of all time. You absolutely dominated that scene. Thank you. What was it like to prepare for that? It was really hard. I was like you, like, this is going to be really fun, I'm going to pole dance. And when I started it I was like, oh, my god, this is so difficult. It's like literally when you walk in somebody's else's shoes, I said this this morning, and the shoes are this big. It's not easy. It's literally not easy. And I just -- you know, when you get on there -- I was bruised everywhere. I had to learn it so I was like maybe I don't do pole dancing -- exactly. That's mild. That's when I was starting to get good because in the beginning it was like all through here. I was hitting myself. Did that hurt? Oh, my god, it was brutal. And then to do it again the next day with the bruises on top of the bruises on bruises, it was like -- it was tough. It was funny, when I spoke to cardi to do the movie I was like, hey, you have to do this movie with us, it's about strippers. You know this world. This is where you came from. She was like, oh yeah, yeah, yeah. I was like, I just started pole dancing, it's really hard. She was like, yeah, it is hard. She goes, it took me years. She goes, but I'm really good at it now. We actually have some bts of your prep. [ Cheers and applause But I watched that yesterday -- I watched it in preparation for the show. Okay? I watched it yesterday but to me it was amazing how technical it is. Yeah. Yes. Keke showed us a few moves here. It was hard. The girl that was teaching me was like from cirque du soleil. She had technique. She had been doing it for years. I was like, I need a crash course. I have to look like I'm the best dancer in the club. You did. And that I've been doing it for years. I had to do one song, Fiona apple's "Criminal" which was perfect. I loved it. I've been a bad, bad girl. And I was like, we just have to make me look like that for three minutes. She was like, okay, but she showed me the proper technique of how to get myself up there and do all the right moves. But it was challenging. It was great too. That scene when you rattle off to Constance Wu every move, I was like -- not that you hang out in strip clubs, but every time you come back here I'm like, that's the sailor. But is it true you were just pointing up there when we showed the clip and said that's in my home, you just walk in on a regular day like here's my stripper pole, here's the kitchen. We put one in L.A. And one in Miami and we just went back and forth. She got a place in Miami. She got a place in L.A. Humble brag. I didn't even know we had a stripper pole back there until you mentioned it. I didn't know we had a stripper pole but it's here. Maybe I'll try out for "Hustlers

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{"duration":"3:26","description":"Lopez worked hard to get in shape for the film and she's got the bruises to prove it.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65566879","title":"J.Lo's bruising workout for ‘Hustlers’","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/jlos-bruising-workout-hustlers-65566879"}