Black American fashion designers emerge during inauguration

Former first lady Michelle Obama and Vice President Kamala Harris championed Black designers Sergio Hudson and Christopher John Rogers for their inauguration looks.
4:02 | 01/22/21

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Transcript for Black American fashion designers emerge during inauguration
Now to the most stunning looks from the inauguration and the black fashion designers who created them now stepping into the spotlight. Deborah Roberts spoke with one of those rising stars of fashion. Good morning, Deborah. Reporter: Good morning, a couple of days post-inauguration and there's still lingering buzz about historic moment, moments that aren't just about politics. If you notice those splashy outfits on display and who didn't, there are some very grateful fashion designers, particularly designers of color who are finally getting noticed. This morning we're learning the details about the new vice president's eye-catching wardrobe during the inaugural event, all designed by up and coming black fashion designers. 36-year-old Sergio Hudson credited with creating Harris' sleek evening dress. When you saw the vice president step out in your dress last night, what was that moment for you? I have daughters, black daughters and I just thought about them in that moment like, wow, like now my niece and my daughters will have someone T look to and say, she broke the glass ceiling. It's the honor of my career so far. Reporter: A native of south Carolina, Hudson has been making a name dressing celebrities like Beyonce, Kendall Jenner and Issa Rae. This week he stepped into a new world outfitting not only vp Harris but also former first lady Michelle Obama in that breathtaking burgundy pants people were all over social media using expressions like she slayed. She always comes to play. Did you read those comments and what did it feel like for you. It was very validating, for sure. Reporter: Hudson is one of three black designers who gave a shine to the new vice president this week. At the covid memorial Harris paid her respects in a coat designed by Kirby Jean Raymond. And at the historic swearing in ceremony, that purple ensemble, Christian John Rogers. Vice president Harris deciding that she was going to wear black designers for the inauguration was obviously a very conscious decision and it was one that automatically elevates those designers in the public imagination. Reporter: This has been a week that emerging fashion designers can only dream of though Hudson says he's had little sleep. To be a young black designer and to have your designs on the world stage not once but twice, what was that like? It's such a hard industry to be in for anybody, white, black, Asian, whoever, but it's especially hard for us because of the financial constraints of our community and I feel like yesterday by vice president Harris wearing three black designers, you know, it's signaling to the world that, okay, yes, you can pay a substantial amount of money for a black designer's clothing. There's this preconceived idea of what black designers do. Even when independent designers launched brands that were absolutely luxurious, they were often described as urban or street wear. Reporter: But his newfound spotlight offering hope, he says, hope for change in the world of black designers. We have to see people that look like us succeeding for that hope and I feel like yesterday was just a shot in the arm for the whole industry. Reporter: A fellow southerner Hudson you can see is quite humble and grateful for this attention but he warns that it doesn't necessarily lead to overnight financial success. These are still struggling businesses and they need to be nurtured and, of course, a shot in the arm from a department store wouldn't hurt, Cecilia. A big shot in the arm sure to come. Thanks, deb. George, over to you now.

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{"duration":"4:02","description":"Former first lady Michelle Obama and Vice President Kamala Harris championed Black designers Sergio Hudson and Christopher John Rogers for their inauguration looks.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75422427","title":"Black American fashion designers emerge during inauguration","url":"/GMA/Style/video/black-american-fashion-designers-emerge-inauguration-75422427"}