New high-tech ways to save money while online shopping

ABC News' Becky Worley on how to use Amazon Alexa and other tools for saving money online.
3:57 | 09/24/18

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Transcript for New high-tech ways to save money while online shopping
Now to our new sees,"buy better." Who doesn't love ? I do. But can technology help yyourhion game? Becky Worley is he sohi supposedhelp you nl our STEs? A of the above let' hope so. What if artialntellige and machine leainould be plied T fit, fashion and buying hotooks online Repor onlin can a huge headache.any choice a figing T fit, forget it need he enter the stylist for stitch poparine styling service. She hasrtificiantelligence helpg her make fashion choices. How does thelgorithm HP It's like ourpart whether our client the they want their clothes to fit. As a style it guides us. Reportee their succes ,haetary software. At data pre you ecting with Fitpreferences, C references. What really wardrobe. Reporter: Whichle using that info, thecompany's se program narrows the Sf style is pretty nuanced. Ther ipiration that is out there that people don't know how totheir bestve Reporr: This caalso be ied to getting your size right online. True fit helps you match exact proportions with sizing andand. Becaeing can be overwhelming for all of, lot of cpanies are rng out chat bots narrow youroices. Loose or tig fit, high waisted ow waisted, burberry has th Take a Reporr: And Amazon approach. Takeic wh existing outfitso sgest other outfits. High tech meetsighfahe help now that Amazon has inre uses. It lets you take aturef two outfits a then the app lets Youse artificial cnd tell you wch it thks is er. You hav P of two outfit right? Right. Applaud for which one you est. Tion "A." Like ibetter, CLA for option"" wow. Unanimous. Echo say op tion ." All right. TRE are Simes when I didn't agree wite algorithm. Two S itd andne ofhem I thought - it liked one that I thought W age ape for me. It dsns get it GHT? It doesn't always get it have that photo? No. We't need sn tiision. Re is anotr this Pinterest. Havehe app, it's built into it. L photo. Here's from my cama right here. Let's S you S a hdbag and E, that's so it UT image to search and with like results. Maybd things that are similar, but maybe more in your budget or friend has a necklace that you love and you want toet. These ar just nt ways that helping Y T shop online and bile better. And you doneed a bar just photo of an item. Uses the shape, the color itmatches. I likthat.

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{"duration":"3:57","description":"ABC News' Becky Worley on how to use Amazon Alexa and other tools for saving money online. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58039049","title":"New high-tech ways to save money while online shopping","url":"/GMA/Style/video/high-tech-ways-save-money-online-shopping-58039049"}