How to manage anxiety and expectations amid Derek Chauvin trial

Dr. Janet Taylor shares how people can navigate feelings of anxiety as they wait for the verdict and how they can help their children cope.
3:18 | 04/20/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How to manage anxiety and expectations amid Derek Chauvin trial
But first we'll go right to you. The cover story right now, Michael. As the nation braces for a decision in the Derek chauvin trial, many are struggling to manage their anxiety, their expectations. Well, this morning psychiatrist Dr. Janet Taylor is here to talk to us about how to navigate these emotions and talk to your kids. Dr. Janet, always good. Appreciate your insight especially something like this. Don't have to tell you that this trial represents so many issues that we face here in this country about policing and about race and so how do you respond to people who are just so anxious right now? Well, the anxiety is real and the facts our brain does not like uncertainty but know a verdict is coming and have an opportunity to respond in a way where we stay kind and we stay involved no matter what the verdict is, but we do need to brace ourselves because it's coming. So what do you suggest people do to maintain their faith, to keep the faith? Right, so what you can do is to focus on what you can control and get involved. Volunteer, help someone. Advocate for laws that you believe in and most importantly vote and register to vote because that enables a sense of participation and self-efficacy, things you can do. How about if you have children and you might not know this, they may be going online and following what's going on and hearing from their friend, family members talking about it so how do you navigate the situation that we're in right now with your children? Yeah, be clear, our children are well aware of what's we're going through so you want to be candid. Talk about the past and present history of race and race relations in this country, talk about policing and how policing -- what policing evolved from. We don't want our children afraid of the police. Most police are good and help our kids understand what they can do to stay safe and how we as parents and care givers protect them. And the prosecution in the closing arguments especially were pointing out this is against this particular former police officer, not against all policing but that it's not who he was that he's on trial for, it's for what he did. How do we regardless of what happens, we do not know what the verdict will be, how do you we handle it and how do we move forward as a country, do you think? Yeah, well, this is a struggle against a system and, robin, recently last week I was at the national civil rights museum in Memphis and I would urge every viewer to go there but it was a reminder of the struggle in America and a reminder of reverend Dr. Martin Luther king, his whole presence was who are we as people and what do we represent? And this is a time we can certainly work through this disruption and through disruption can come calm, can come home and come peace but we need to work through it with a sense that things will be better knowing that we can be better as humans and this is about humanity and making the changes that we need to. About humanity, as always Dr. Janet, thank you. Hope you're doing well. Yes, we're good. Thank you. I hope you're well. Doing really well. Thank you, Janet. Take care.

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"Dr. Janet Taylor shares how people can navigate feelings of anxiety as they wait for the verdict and how they can help their children cope.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77183065","title":"How to manage anxiety and expectations amid Derek Chauvin trial","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/manage-anxiety-expectations-amid-derek-chauvin-trial-77183065"}