What does it really take to get a Victoria's Secret model body?

Get runway ready with these 8 at-home Victoria's Secret workouts.
4:10 | 12/12/18

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Transcript for What does it really take to get a Victoria's Secret model body?
Oh. And show you how to get a body like victory secured motto do not be six that saw. And genetically blessed to get that body. Initially how to do this and move that you can do. Star when I called pieces of spaces squat to cut about 80% drop in the step here one. This starts at 3 o'clock news and right foot. Stops that want into little sit you know you'll bush wraps up the back here. Come out and exit and then stepped back he reps and everything it is extremely effective action junior dies. And your group. This next move is concept that it's one of my signature moves look simple but you gotta be performed on her arms my butts back. You're just gonna take one like that hold out for second. And then stepped back to versions. More effective at working your but that's why we're on. Possibly. We're that harms a book. So once we take arms of overhead and lift up our repaid. Go opposite. Once you hit this arms your stomach is already fully active it's gotta support your lower back summit is already active. From here we're hitting a step back. You're gonna rotate over that opposite side leg stretching for your stomach here bring it back slow. And then stepped back with position. When legs back. We're loading us the way on this but this would be the closer position. With their lead and extended back at 6 o'clock. And our hips are gonna open this view open to a position gonna keep your knee and back. You annoy them all your foot your feet will land perpendicular your back leg locked out your front leg is bent. And hold us catch. And you gonna bring that way that. Anyone walk. Outweigh the one thing that loved essentially. Is that he. So Superman but look we're in a start with one leg back and your arms down like this. Hinge over this hit collecting your pelvis forward she pushed the weight back in the butt and at the same exact time you're gonna put. This act towards the wall behind you and lift your arms the same time that you let it down slow. This next exercise. Full body exercise though it was mine model client really everybody's got star right here so this would be 12 o'clock to a little reach. Will this leg and and in the press that at 6 o'clock and were always hovering in the way that point forward that. Return average position. Palms facing forward not your main focus of this exercise is the stretch your shoulders back which is good for posture. Activate your lower stomach and user pollutes the take all the way. Rolling out way. One way to really increased. Difficulty of this exercises by using my kibo that just adds more tension on the inner thighs and so its next move is just above but let me show you had to do it if you evolved way. You're actually shift your hips back a little bit that your hands are out in front your shoulders you're gonna hold this position caught the shift. And from here gonna point your toe and just from this pollute nowhere else you can squeeze. Eyes and about race there. Let it down slow. That is our eight Victoria's Secret moves to start getting to a Victoria's Secret body mine possible.

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{"duration":"4:10","description":"Get runway ready with these 8 at-home Victoria's Secret workouts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59760995","title":"What does it really take to get a Victoria's Secret model body?","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/victorias-secret-model-body-59760995"}