Melissa Rycroft Dances Her Way to Delivery Room

Rycroft used dancing as a way to prepare for the delivery of her second child.
3:00 | 04/08/14

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Transcript for Melissa Rycroft Dances Her Way to Delivery Room
Being pregnant now, very different than it used to be 20, 30 years ago. The rules for a healthy pregnancy and labor has changed. And our Melissa Rycroft uncovered a fantastic way to prepare for her delivery. Something she knows a thing or two about. It's dancing. What are you doing? I can't help it. The baby needs the meat. Reporter: Not so long ago, pregnancy was a time of eating and relaxing for two. Not anymore. Increasingly, it's a time of cutting a rug. As more and more women, bumps and all, are dancing through pregnancy. In New Haven, Connecticut, women jump and gyrate well into their third trimester. This is a great way to get your energy up. Your blood flowing. It's the way of bonding with baby. Reporter: Instructors say, childbirth is the ultimate workout. Why not use pregnancy as a time to get into shape, instead of falling out of it. We're working on breathing. Reporter: If anyone's an expert, it's Mary Helen bowers. The ballerina danced every day, up until and including her due date. Were you trying to dance the baby out? That was part of the idea at the end. Reporter: She credits daily dance with helping her to naturally deliver a healthy baby girl. I had a long labor. It helps with stamina for that. I've been amazed by how quickly my body has come back. Reporter: Mary Helen offered to give me a private lesson. After winning a mirrorball trophy on "Dancing with the stars," you think I would have been ready for the challenge. But dancing with a baby onboard, is a whole, new experience. But a few minutes into our routine, I was a believer. For one thing, I got a workout. Feel a nice little burn. Reporter: I feel it. I felt good. Dr. Jennifer Ashton said dancing through pregnancy has many benefits, provided a woman consults with her doctor first. Anything that can keep a pregnant woman feeling good, physically and emotionally is a positive. Reporter: As for me, I may not be ready to do what Mary Helen did and dance to my due date. But let's just say I will be taking this baby for another spin or two, before he makes his debut. For "Good morning America," Melissa Rycroft, ABC news, New York. I'm so impressed. I used my pregnancy not to exercise. Why workout to gain weight? It's a healthy thing T college

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Rycroft used dancing as a way to prepare for the delivery of her second child.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23235590","title":"Melissa Rycroft Dances Her Way to Delivery Room","url":"/GMA/video/melissa-rycroft-dances-delivery-room-23235590"}