10-year-old's waterslide accident raises safety concerns

The "GMA" team of insiders analyzes some of the biggest stories trending this morning.
4:57 | 05/30/17

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Transcript for 10-year-old's waterslide accident raises safety concerns
We are back now with our big board and let's get started with the water park scare. We showed you this video of a 10-year-old boy flying off a waterslide landing on the concrete over the weekend. Luckily that young man is safe and sound and, boy, just scary incident but did raise questions about how safe these water parks are and Alan Korn with the child safety water organization is joining us now and thank you for joining us, Alan. We just saw that video. We've seen some of this in the past but how common are these accidents? Well, thankfully they don't happen all that much but as rides get larger, taller, faster, the dangers increase also, so you can't throw caution to the wind. They do happen. In fact, last year, a child was killed on the -- what was marketed as the tallest slide in the world. This was in Kansas and the child hit his head on the slide as he was going down and unfortunately unlike this case he died. Yeah, it's so scary as we're coming up on water park season. I know my kids like to go to our nearby one multiple times during the year so as a parent, I want to know who is in charge of regulating these rides, keeping them safe? Well, in my vie the responsibility is two parts. One are the designers of the rides. I mention they get faster, kids want faster and higher and stronger and the rides get more dangerous so you have to design these rides before you open to the public in a proper fashion and then the second is the owners and operators of these parks. You have to inspect them daily, in fact, I'd inspect them more than once daily. In this particular case I looked at the video. It looked like an awful lot of water was going down that tube. This was the first day this park was opened. Maybe that needed to be recalibrated a bit to make it safe. We don't know. There will be an investigation but that's one thing to look at in this particular case. But as parents with kids who love to go on these waterslides in the summer, is there anything we can look for? You said about the water. We wouldn't know that. Anything we can look for? We want kids to enjoy water parks and beat the summer heat at water parks around the country. You do not need to wrap them in bubble paper but it is a good idea too before you release them into the park for the day of fun to remind them to pay attention to the instructions at the top and the bottom of the slide in this case, the posted qualifications for rides and behavior is important also so those are good things to remind kids of at the beginning of the day and throughout. All righ Alan, we appreciate it. Thank you. Very good tips. Now something most of us have to see to believe, a daredevil delivering the game ball at the Portuguese cup final on what looks like a hoverboard made of drones. Becky Worley joins us with more. We've been waiting for this since "Back to the future." Is it finally here? Ah, well, it was cool. The pilot took off from inside the stadium and brought the ball to the ref. Probably a flight of 100 yards. He hit 00 feet in altitude and it looks like ten drone rotors connected to a platform of sorts. He has a remote feel in his hand that controls the drone power, altitude and thrust. But he is steering by leaning. He's basically surfing his way to the landing spot. Well, I can't surf anywhere water, land, not any -- not good for me. Who created this and what was the inspiration for them to create this? Well, some say it's the mind of Stan Lee come to life, they have called out the green goblin, enemy of spider-man, the obvious comparison. There's some rumors, though, it was inspired by Marty McFly's hoverboard from "Back to the future." We look to the movies for all our cool gadgets, don't we? And it's been a dream since 1980 whatever so the big question, we all want to know, could this actually become a legit casual mode of transportation? Well, you know, it goes farther back than the '80s, in 1957 the hiller flying platform was introduced. It looks like a guy hovering around in a tire. Then there was -- remember all the jetpack flying guys at the super bowls. That started in the '60s. We really want a flying device that's like ray motorcycle. So much autonomy. I wanted one of those. There is more access to drones and the technology needed to make them. One entrepreneur, a guy making the fly board uses jet engines powered by kerosene fuel. But the answer to your question, Amy, no, not yet. These are so not ready for mass market. All the up thrust that makes it possible means they're way too dangerous. You lean into a turn, lean too far, you flip. The up thrust turns to down thrust and you are plummeting to the Earth at terminal velocity. I'm out. I'm out. That guy is a 10 drone. LI I'm like a -- We would definitely put money into its stock. Hands only cpr that could

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{"duration":"4:57","description":"The \"GMA\" team of insiders analyzes some of the biggest stories trending this morning.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"47718112","title":"10-year-old's waterslide accident raises safety concerns","url":"/GMA/video/10-year-olds-waterslide-accident-raises-safety-concerns-47718112"}