No Singles Figure Skating Medals for USA

Sasha Cohen and Julie Foudy discuss the figure skating finals in Sochi.
3:00 | 02/21/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for No Singles Figure Skating Medals for USA
Let's bring in Sasha Cohen who is here with us in New York and our dear friend at ESPN, Julie foudy who is live from sochi. Sasha, let me begin with you. Figure skating, wow. What do you make of what happened last night? Well, the Americans were good. It was disappointing they didn't get a medal but they weren't good enough. Gracie gold and Ashley had a double footed combination while Adelina had superior jumps and spins and all those points just racked up. If you look at the breakdown you can see she deserved to win that night. We heard in Amy's report there's some controversy with the judging, in fact, American Ashley Wagner, she sent this on Yahoo! People don't want to watch a sport where you see people fall down and somehow score above someone who goes clean. What did you think about the judging? As Gracie knows skating, a clean jump counts for a lot. 30% of your score is knocked down. If that adds up over a program you could see why someone who falls but does everything else cleanly comes out ahead of that's why the system changed when I was still competing from 6.0 system to these high inflated numerical values because each element has a value and grade of execution. See, once again, you just break it down for us like that, Sasha, thank you. Let's get now to Julie and, Julie, come on team usa against Canada. Once again, going down to the final moments. They were leading throughout. Losing in overtime like that. You have to know how difficult that must be for them. I mean, congratulations with the silver but as we heard, that's of little consolation to them. Oh, robin, it was gut wrenching. You know the thing is you got the sense when you were sitting there, United States and as you mentioned, Canada has had this choke hold on the gold medal winning the last three olympics but got the sense finally this team and this time it was going to be different. They were up 3:30, 3:30 to go up by 2 goal answer started to unravel. Give credit to the Canadians they came roaring back. It was marie-philip Poulin, the Canadian who scored the two goals against the U.S. In Vancouver did it again last night and it was just a gut wrencher. Tears all over the ice afterwards That's understandable. Men, semifinal action, U.S. Versus Canada. How do you see that? It's the part two of this competition, the semifinal and as we know a lot of NHL pros, some of them teammates now going against each other country to country but I think the high pressure here is the beer that's being wagered. President Obama with prime minister Harper, I think that puts all the pressure on them. You heard about that over there too, huh? Okay, Julie. How did I know you would? Of course, we did. All right, Julie, hey, thanks, as always. Appreciate that. Sasha, as well. We'll get more of your thoughts later. Patriotic fandom good for the soul, tough on the ticker especially right now.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Sasha Cohen and Julie Foudy discuss the figure skating finals in Sochi.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22614301","title":"No Singles Figure Skating Medals for USA","url":"/GMA/video/2014-olympics-singles-figure-skating-medals-usa-22614301"}