#America Favorite Foods: Lara's Hometown Pizza

Lara Spencer brings "GMA" home to where she grew up eating Eddie's Pizza.
2:50 | 07/09/13

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Transcript for #America Favorite Foods: Lara's Hometown Pizza
I want to share something special in my life. We're celebrating the things we love about america. We want to hear from you, as well. This week, we're going to tell you about our favorite treats to eat. All-american style. Yesterday, robin showed her shrimp poe boys. And I show you my go-to food. It's long island. And drumroll, please. My favorite food. It means so much to me. It's the pizza I grew up on. But it is not like any other. Eddie's pizza. There is nothing like it in the world. Take a look. ♪ the cosey dark confines of eddie's in new hyde park, new york, has a little something for everyone. It's a great pizza. I wouldn't eat here. But I come in. Reporter: I practically grew up here. We knew lara when a she was a little girl. Big swimmer. She would come in with a bunch of girls. Reporter: Today, the owner joe, and lorraine are still serving up my favorite pizza on the planet. The delicious thin-crusted cheesy goodness known as the bar pie. It's a thin crust and personal pie we've been serving SINCE THE 1930s. Reporter: After all these years, they won't let me or you in on the secret. That's a trade secrets. Typical to prepare, until you get to the crust, so crispy. And so delicious. But what exactly makes it so irresistible? These guys will never tell. Stays at eddie's. Great to see joe, lorraine, the gang. Brings back great memories. My dad used to take me to eddie's after diving meets. And the anti-pasta salad, to die for. We didn't go out to long island. They brought their truck. We thank you so much, eddie's. I hope you are enjoying a little slice of heaven, from my own heart. I love -- that it is only 70 calories. The whole pie. It's the thin crust. So great. So crispy. Just that little bit of sauce. And that great cheese. It's crispy. You know what I noticed about yesterday and today, you both have really strong memories about the food and why you love it and what it reminds you of and why it's so great. Sum summer memories with food and everything. We want you to be part of our

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{"duration":"2:50","description":"Lara Spencer brings \"GMA\" home to where she grew up eating Eddie's Pizza.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19615237","title":"#America Favorite Foods: Lara's Hometown Pizza","url":"/GMA/video/35america-favorite-foods-laras-hometown-pizza-19615237"}