ABC News' Anne Sweeney Named Most Powerful Woman in Entertainment

Janice Min discusses how Hollywood Reporter decides on the most powerful women.
3:00 | 12/05/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ABC News' Anne Sweeney Named Most Powerful Woman in Entertainment
reporter's" list of the 100 most powerful women in entertainment is being revealed. The top female movers and shakers. A special breakfast for the honorees is taking place at the hollywood hotel. And janice min joins us live to tell us about the big announcement. Janice, good morning. Good morning. I know that we'll get to the names in just a second. But in the past couple of years, women in television have really started to overtake women in film. In fact, many of them, starting off as assistants and really working their way up the ladder. It's a great story here in hollywood. You know, film used to be the sexy part of the industry, that this is where the action was, where the talent was. And television was, you know, the dumpy, unsexy part. And because film is so male -- remains very male, a lot of women got their start in television. They got their start as assistants, low-level producers, production assistants. And lo and behold, as television became bigger and better than film. And now, these women are at the top of their field. Good for them. Well, the last three years, our own boss at disney, ann sweeney, who is the president of abc, was top of the list. Did she make it for year four? Or did someone else come in? It is the most boring story in hollywood that ann sweeney, again, is at the top of our list. That's great. She remains the most. Congratulations to ann. She remains the most powerful, most well-liked, most steady and stable person at the top here in hollywood. And by the way, just speaking of one of her lowly employees, one of the nicer people, right? In the business? Listen, you see ann sweeney around town, she is always polite. You would never know this woman runs an empire of 10,000 people. My favorite anecdote in this story we wrote about ann in the issue, is how, I guess someone over there choked on a grape in the cafeteria at abc news. Yes. And had the heimlich maneuver. And ann sweeney called that person to make sure he or she was okay. When you read thes people say about ann, you know, that she is a team player, she has rooms filled with women in meetings. She's a real friend to other women. And she is a champion of everyone, from the very top to the entry-level people at abc. And you know, listen. I congratulate you guys. One of the reasons she remains at number one is because of success at abc news, this year and the success of "gma." Thanks. You also have some funny women in on the list. Including not just ellen DeGENERES AND OF COURSE OPRAH Winfrey. But lena dunham from "girls" is on the list, as well. I was surprised. But happily so. A lot of people, when they watched the emmys this year, they saw the naked woman on the toilet eating birthday cake. And a lot of women didn't know who that was. This is lena dunham, a girl who has come on strong in hollywood. She is number 100 on our list, rounding out the list and making her first entrance on it. She's 27 years old. hollywood at the moment. She certainly is. Other names on the list, amy pascal, co-chair of sony pictures. Dana walden. And nancy dubuque, president of entertainment and media at a&e. Are any surprises on this list? Anybody you didn't expect would be coming up and making it this quickly? Listen, I think one of the big turnarounds of the year is oprah. Her own network went from being, looking like it might not be vi viable to having a ratings surge. And oprah moved up on the list this year. We asked women a lot of funny questions. Katie couric is on the list this year, thanks to the success of her talk show. She revealed the ring tone on her cell phone is "lmfoa's "i'm sexy and I know it." If you've seen her lately, it isn't just a joke. She looks fantastic. No, it's not. I remember hearing a quote, there's a special place in hell reserved for women who don't help other women on the way up. Great to see you, janice. Thanks so much.

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{"id":17885736,"title":"ABC News' Anne Sweeney Named Most Powerful Woman in Entertainment","duration":"3:00","description":"Janice Min discusses how Hollywood Reporter decides on the most powerful women.","url":"/GMA/video/abc-news-anne-sweeney-named-powerful-woman-entertainment-17885736","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}