Acroyoga Could Strengthen Your Body and Relationship

Acrobatic partner yoga is the newest way to bring couples into balance.
3:19 | 03/25/15

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Transcript for Acroyoga Could Strengthen Your Body and Relationship
index" to the latest way to work out your body and your relationship too. On the yoga mat. Now everyone is awake. The hottest way to bring couples in balance, we're told through shared aerial yoga poses, and, well, we thought we would send ginger to check it out. ? Reporter: It's the uplifting trend that's taking workouts and relationships to new heights. Makes me happy. Makes me feel good. It's a lot of fun. Reporter: Now celebs like Adam Levine and girl star Lena Dunham getting into acro yoga. He's doing more work than I am. Reporter: Even Kelly and Michael going acro. This is not terrifying at all. Reporter: Can anyone do this. Anybody can do it with clear struck. Let's do it. Acro yoga. Acroyoga. Reporter: That's Mary aronis and holding my life in the balance today showing me moves like the folded leaf. Acro yoga builds trust. This is like the ultimate trust. Reporter: The free bird. The front bow and my favorite, the straddle throne. Wow. Are you worried that people will hurt themselves. I recommend that everybody go to qualified certified instructors when they begin. Yep. Reporter: Aside from the obvious intimate benefits. My girlfriend and I I think it enhanced our relationship because it's taught us how to communicate better and cooperate much better because our safety is on the line. Reporter: Mary says it's not just for couples. Acroyoga is about relationship, community and communication. So it's definitely recommended for family members, friends. Reporter: But I just couldn't resist calling in my extremely limber husband Ben. I'm the king of the world. We mastered acroyoga. High-five. I sensed a little bit of sarcasm there. Yeah, not quite mastered but it was easier than I thought. And, well, you're newly married so what kind of help do you need? We do hear it helps so we're joined by Susan and nose edebor. Glad to see you brought the couch in. I can ask you questions. Yeah. First of all, there's a lot of talk about how you're able to build a relationship at the same time as you build your pose. Yeah, this is obviously a big trust strengthener and have to learn how to communicate quickly and like clearly so that's really awesome. Now, you can maybe start to come down. This is obviously an advanced move but I know that yesterday I was so surprised by just a lot of us could start out. Can you show us a beginner move and lead us through it if somebody at homes wants to do it. There's a lot of classes August around the country, me and Susie teach in Houston, Texas. This is the first move, if you want to get started call bird or airplane or Superman. Everybody has done it as a child. All right. So what you do is you have a nice plank body. The bird. It's all about -- Point your toe. Stick with the bird here and

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{"duration":"3:19","description":"Acrobatic partner yoga is the newest way to bring couples into balance.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"29891454","title":"Acroyoga Could Strengthen Your Body and Relationship","url":"/GMA/video/acroyoga-strengthen-body-relationship-29891454"}