Levine Engagement, Julia Roberts' Niece Draw Buzz

People magazine's Kate Coyne discusses stories that have had Hollywood talking.
2:32 | 07/17/13

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Transcript for Levine Engagement, Julia Roberts' Niece Draw Buzz
Joining us and our friend and former G-8 okay. I'll call you assistant editor from People Magazine. -- I tell you what Adam Levine he was the target of many but he is. Bob good morning. Yeah for now. Inventories and a mile back in March. And he didn't move on he was with a whole other Victoria's Secret while with the third one I believe. In Mexico -- -- there's nothing wrong with it now might get either that vacation -- -- New girl didn't go well -- really missed the hot here Apple's Lisa -- -- -- -- -- -- yes they'll -- I choose to be it out. Love -- he just needed a little time to figure out. On so he's on land. I know I really disturbing being here guys have a couple days you'll ever Roberts Julia Roberts is -- arrested for domestic violence. Only 22 a rocky relationship with -- her boyfriend actor musician Evan Peters. Part of that -- actresses like Olympian Amanda behind. -- is synonymous with trouble -- you -- -- have a much more squeaky clean image and so this is. Truly upsetting for her as was evidenced by the fact that -- -- her since coming up her completely melting down and stopping and I'm really looking like she's -- -- -- syndicate was a fight between the bulk of them she wasn't just attacking him. She did not call the police can happen in -- hotel and someone in the neighboring room called. Prosecutors have since declined to press charges -- what anyone thinks should be able to put this behind them and hopefully -- hopefully she'll be able to get past she is what -- -- just a terrific young actress and rocky relationships and -- You just don't want -- you'll see. They can work it all out let's hope we can work it out. It is steamy adult Sam's fault but they believe it is national ice cream month -- and as a new study from Baskin Robbins we. We can't back up the science on this it is fair -- just for fun when your favorite ice cream -- say about our personalities just take a look now look at some of the popular the most popular ones. We have what are those are all popular. Let's be honest. What what what we think Vanilla. -- -- -- well easily suggest the ball and idealistic people also have security Vanilla ice cream you're not okay. Yeah -- definitely yeah -- -- There and there's a thousand flavored and you pick but not. Let me tell us it means -- -- -- and rocky road and it's -- angry. -- let's -- yeah. These are all things that you feel when -- on a diet and he -- that you -- -- kind of like an insanity. Does yeah and Debbie and I didn't deny I tell you. -- you have the kind of rocky road and probably feel a little bit aggressively. -- -- -- all flavors shared joyous. Earnings and. -- -- going to get any air -- -- way.

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{"id":19713299,"title":"Levine Engagement, Julia Roberts' Niece Draw Buzz","duration":"2:32","description":"People magazine's Kate Coyne discusses stories that have had Hollywood talking.","url":"/GMA/video/adam-levine-engaged-emma-roberts-arrested-celebrity-news-19713299","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}