Adam Sandler Reunites With Drew Barrymore in 'Blended'

The funny man talks about working with Drew Barrymore throughout the years.
7:01 | 05/15/14

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Transcript for Adam Sandler Reunites With Drew Barrymore in 'Blended'
We are so happy because Adam Sandler is back with us. He's soon to hit the big screen once again, with drew barrymore in the new romantic comedy, "Blended." Two single parents kick things off -- it was a bad note. But they find themselves thrown together on an african vacation with their kids. In one scene, they mistakenly show up at a couples massage. Take a look. Ow. Remember, to keep the touch softer. Lightly brush your fingers against her skin. That's so -- What's happening? Is there a bug on me? There's no bug. I was trying to get some skin, like she said. That hurts the jugular. Sorry. I'm sorry. I saw it yesterday. And I laughed my tushy off. Adam Sandler, always a pleasure. You do it yet again. I'm trying. We put the question out there on social media. Yes. And so many people responded about you and drew. The chemistry. People just love it. Why? I mean, we know each other a long time. Who knows? Who knows? But I do love that girl, drew. She's a sweetheart. And she's like family. Just a pleasure to be around. Well, this is the third time. The first two were hits. The third time is a charm, as well. Let's talk about your character, Jim. You're raising -- you're a single dad. Yes. You're raising three daughters. Yes. You named one of them espen. That lets you know the kind of dad you are sports-minded. I met a guy. He had a baby or a little kid. And he was calling her ESPN. He said, e-s-p-n. I said, I have to use that in my movie. Your character, you work at a sportings good store. It's difficult for you to raise daughters. Yes. I think he's not excited about his daughters and boys liking them. He keeps them tomboyish. And wants them to protect themselves when they're older. What I love about your movies, aside of just laughing and feeling good and walking out of the theater feeling good about life, you sneak in a message in there. There's always heart. And that's the case with this one, too, about how families can come together. That's -- yeah. It's nice. It's about that. And about being a good parent. And making sure you're there for your kids. Pretty cool. You have a lot of kids in this movie. All of the kids are fantastic. There's five kids. They all have pretty great moments in the movie. And we got to go to Africa and hang out. Those five kids are all real tight now. It's pretty cool. Did you hang out and go to safari on your own? I went to so many safaris, it was actually not a thrill anymore. I was on my 20th safari. All right. The lions are having sex. Good. They're doing it again? They don't stop. We have a great group of kids. You've been seeing our mini-mes over there. And they have prepared hard-hitting -- are you ready to walk over and get grilled by -- Especially by the little stephanopoul stephanopoulos. Let's see what he's got. Come on over. Say saw the film. That's nice. Who is going to go first? Of course. Mini-george. I thought Adam was sitting here. Oh, I'm sorry. Sorry. Thank you. Whoa. Excuse me, ginger. No, robin. They've seen you enough. I'm third. Go ahead. Let's do it. My question is, what was it like working with new cast members you had never worked with or met before? It was kind of like working with you guys, you know? I'll never really look you in the eyes. I just kind of move on. After they call cut, I don't ever want to see you again. I love how you have a lot of your guys that you worked with a long time. Yeah. I have a nice time. They were all nice kids. You would get along with the kids in the movie. I can set that up. Who is second? Let's go, Sierra. Yes, young lady. How old are you? How old am I? I'll be 200 tomorrow. Okay. You're sweet. What's your favorite animal? Mine is an English bulldog because I have one. You do? Uh-huh. What's your bulldog's name? Lily. What's your favorite animal? I have a bulldog at home. We agree. Bulldogs are cute. They are. Does yours snort a lot? Make a lot of noises? Yes. And where is the sweet spot? Do you pet her head a lot? Oh, yes. But she's very funny. And she smells kind of weird. Dogs can smell weird, especially when they're wet. She fells like food. Yes, of course. Who has the next question? Me. All right. Before I ask you this one, I want to know, did you actually ride the ostrich? Or was that just -- I rode an ostrich for a while. That's a good question. I sat on a real ostrich for a while. But Adam Sandler is coming in at 208 right now. So, the ostrich said, calm down and get the fake one. My real question is, if you weren't an actor, what would you want to do or be? I think I would be one of the greatest deejays alive. Step aside, young man. And on cue. Look at that. Yes, Adam Sandler. Thank you. If you're looking for casting for your next movie? All steady kids here. Mini-lara, bring us home. I know your a dad. Tell us about your kids and what you like to do with them. I love them more than anything. Just like your parents love you guys. I have fun with those kids, hanging out with them, making sure they have a good day. That's the theme of this movie, too. It's about being a good parent. Yep. Watching out for your children. Yep. Have you ever gotten a juice box from us before? You know the worst thing about these things? Getting the straw in there. It takes me literally 20 minutes every time. It's squirting all over. I squeeze it. It squirts on me. They have the same problem. Guys, thank you very much. Those were hard-hitting, penetrating question. You really got to the bottom of Adam Sandler. Thanks, you guys. "Blended." They've all seen it. In theaters nationwide may 23rd.

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{"duration":"7:01","description":"The funny man talks about working with Drew Barrymore throughout the years.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23728718","title":"Adam Sandler Reunites With Drew Barrymore in 'Blended'","url":"/GMA/video/adam-sandler-funny-man-reunites-drew-barrymore-blended-23728718"}