Alleged Kidnapping Victims Left House Twice in 10 Years

New information surfaces about alleged kidnap case as the victims return home.
3:12 | 05/09/13

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Transcript for Alleged Kidnapping Victims Left House Twice in 10 Years
latest in cleveland and check out the video footage of that THUMBS UP FROM gina DeJesus as she came home yesterday. Abc's anchor david muir was right there when the story broke and was there for the emotional homecomings. Good morning, david. Reporter: Good morning, george and robin. It was extraordinary to witness those homecomings ten years after amanda berry disappeared seeing the police escort coming down the street bringing her home to her family. Her daughter holding a stuffed animal in the backseat. The person who was not be shielded, ariel castro. In this courthouse behind me he'll be charged with several counts of kidnapping and rape. Amanda berry and her 6-year-old daughter are waking up with family this morning on a street where neighbors line the sidewalks, their front yards to welcome amanda and the little girl home. The 6-year-old holding a stuffed animal before being carried into the house. We are so happy to have amanda and her daughter home. Reporter: And then there was gina DeJesus, who disappeared on that walk to school at 14 giving a thumbs up as she got out of that van now 23 years old. She too was finally home, finally free. I knew she needed me and i never gave up. Reporter: All of this after that daring escape and this morning we hear the recordings from the police radios when officers realized the girls who vanished a decade ago were alive. Got a bus coming? Might be for real. Might be others in the house. We found 'em. We found 'em. Reporter: Police say the women revealed that in the ten years they walked out of that home only twice, only to be taken into the garage their captor would disguise them never did they leave the property. The only opportunity to escape was the other day when amanda escaped. Reporter: Abc news learned three women were often locked up in separate rooms first the basement then upstairs and this morning abc station wews has learned from a law enforcement source that inside the home, the women reported multiple pregnancies, miscarriages then amanda berry gave birth in a small inflatable pool inside the house. One of the other women held captive helping to deliver the baby. All of this as ariel castro, the sole suspect, led a double life on the outside, police say. Images of castro playing the bass in his band in cleveland as he often did and cleveland's police chief revealing to us for the first time that throughout it all, the only person to go out in public with ariel castro was that little 6-year-old girl. Did she ever leave the house? She did leave the house. You know, I have information that she did leave the house occasionally with suspect. Reporter: That's the first time we had that confirmed. The chief telling us he would go out in one with the little girl. The two brothers will not be charged in the case. They do not believe they knew of the women inside. One last development every hour that goes by we get a new development. "The new york times" reporting that ariel castro might have marked every year the anniversary of the abductions with cake for the women. If truitt just one more example, robin, of the horror they endured for ten years inside that house. Absolutely. Reporter: So awful. You're staying on top of this for us, david, thank you so much.

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{"id":19140828,"title":"Alleged Kidnapping Victims Left House Twice in 10 Years","duration":"3:12","description":"New information surfaces about alleged kidnap case as the victims return home.","url":"/GMA/video/amanda-berry-gina-dejesus-michele-knight-found-alleged-19140828","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}