Amy Robach Discusses New Haircut, Health

Robach had to cut her hair short because of chemo therapy.
3:00 | 01/15/14

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Transcript for Amy Robach Discusses New Haircut, Health
Out here when -- -- to promote. Or. And thank you can't -- just so we're clear Britain nine and he's -- -- -- TV yeah. God. I just want to reintroduce. The Internet. Gorgeous and talented team the -- -- -- -- -- So anything you yeah. Not IA analyst Fran. It's I -- listen first of all but I didn't get to recuse myself from that of the as a -- -- I mean you cannot I didn't fully appreciate the difference between being a man and TV and containing its allies until I got here really and saw. Think the death chair I sit down. You spackle what you can now you hope for the best but I'm in about ten minutes and it looks and it's just not the same burdens -- -- from. -- -- -- the montage of all the big hair you know I can't let you know that I started in the ninety's in the out of the hair wouldn't say it was all about the hair and keep pulling back -- -- and I don't -- -- I'm -- you thinking that I can sleep in at least thirty minutes. Now more than I had before so that the upswing to this certainly -- said we should -- -- EEU decided he took control. In year in fighting breast cancer you've decided. You're -- determine how the hair -- because he is so much of Europe. Control is taken away with this disease and I think the mental aspect of battling cancer is the hardest part like physical I mean honestly I just feel like. So what if I grow up so what I feel weak and sick and I heard a little bit I can handle all -- it's the mental thing of just this thing that's. Continuing in its in its eating away unit just feels awfully good to have these needles -- you and they're pumping toxins and -- -- that the whole mental aspects -- so. I know it's -- -- was cello but you know the one of the first questions I asked my oncologist was am -- gonna lose all my hair. And every patient is different so they can't tell you you're you're gonna lose it all yearly some -- it. Com they've thought because I was young they said on ecologically speaking and the baby -- -- -- -- So that I had a better chance at keeping some of -- -- but I'm going to be honest what you do have isn't gonna look really good at going to be dry it can be -- it's gonna be relevant. I don't know how did -- three -- I would I'm -- as I have my hair. And then like after -- until I started to see more and more falling -- just a slow process your hair -- in cycles and I just like this this whole. Fixed roof sheeting near waiting with the -- but how much is gonna fall out tomorrow and I just not specific that I'm just cutting ahead. And it when it when it falls out it won't feel is dramatic you know. And I am I'm likely to really keep some of their -- I don't know really -- -- -- -- -- in the although -- authority -- you know. It's and I have a boy really gets so funny actually give a -- tell my head but I don't know welcome -- -- -- -- -- tell you got to -- that's gonna play is an innocuous. -- you tell me a couple weeks ago that you're thinking about doing mental and it has an inspiration which was nice that yet there is some inspiration out there yes I know why exactly I -- Jennifer Lawrence plucked her hair and then I also love Robin Wright. So when I when I said tonight a cross between -- law and Robin Wright went down about what -- head and it's and it looked. It looks out it feels it's freaking actually and it really like I said I got emotional but it it's like. Any time -- actually covered people getting their hair cuts coming out of -- -- the us. The first thing they did was cut their hair because it was such a symbol of their imprisonment in a way. And there's a freedom when you let go of something and so in a weird way like I know it's just hair and it's gonna grow back but there is a freedom. And and it an empowerment and just cutting so I mean when you look up likely to but he C. It kind of look at camera her pony -- also I like that -- longer an affront an imminent -- why. It'll take some time to get used to but I like it I like it I feel later I feel -- year in -- -- I would -- -- -- -- because I that I just laughed -- leave without yeah. -- again just as as a colleague and friend. You look then you hand me you -- I just want you feeling good and I'm not -- -- -- by saying this because I I can't see an epic every day I walked into my office. And there are letters and letters and I read every one of them and I get emotional because I can't believe in you see the number two point eight million women living with breast cancer right now. People who write me at my sister my wife my daughter my mother and -- me. And they're all you know in this fight -- different stages and I just felt like I want him to. Let people know the way they've let me know that you're not alone that there are so many -- -- -- fighting this disease and we're winning. And I just want -- I just want to let everyone know that's part of why I did it on camera to could I just wanted people to feel like. How many that I am in the same exact position and it just feels good to know that you're not by yourself -- -- -- Credible. Public service they dealings in and I need your help -- to without I was in California. You were you're -- -- with David. And I -- -- every single day and listen. However unfortunately. Everybody here at -- crew everybody we have some muscle memory of what it's like. I walked this walk with our -- but just as with Robin. I -- I could not take a step -- up to last me about you and wanting I mean people meet almost need to share like. Cassini did it I think it is Amy did -- I -- Indiana national level I -- let me make it made me so much more aware because -- didn't have a history because I think a lot like you have a similar at. I feel like I'm healthy and -- could do the right thing and having us a talk with you watching what -- done on air makes me so much more vigilant and much more. Aware. That I wasn't I don't I you know and that's is said it doesn't -- just a matter here at your background as a -- nothing matters. Everybody -- me.

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{"id":21541010,"title":"Amy Robach Discusses New Haircut, Health","duration":"3:00","description":"Robach had to cut her hair short because of chemo therapy.","url":"/GMA/video/amy-robach-cancer-diagnosis-treatment-haircut-due-chemo-21541010","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}