Angelina Jolie Made an Honorary Dame by the Queen of England

ABC News' Sara Haines has the latest in the "Pop News" midday buzz.
2:42 | 10/10/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Angelina Jolie Made an Honorary Dame by the Queen of England
Good afternoon I'm -- -- in here in the top five stories buzzing online right. Coming in number five just when you -- -- couldn't get any better for Angelina -- -- and newly married mega star. Just been made an honorary game by the queen of England. -- was recognized for her humanitarian work at Buckingham Palace she enjoyed a private audience with the team before -- couple's six children -- them. Unfortunately the actress can't be officially addressed it -- because she's not English citizen but she was presented with its -- which officially known as. Ian didn't have an honorary game grand cross of the most distinguished order saint Michael and see -- to get all that. You know it's important in the names that -- Funny and it never for a -- they get magician rob Anderson is pinning you -- but right now with a viral video that appears to show him -- up homeless veterans back. And ending in the Lincoln and I -- it magically put back together and a wad of money comes tumbling out. Now Robinson that -- -- -- -- heat for that at least that. And it's raised more than 26000. Dollars with the video being watch more than three and a half million times on YouTube. That -- short program. At number three it's flashback Friday and came right -- in -- celebrating with an adorable photo of herself as a baby along side. A picture sixteen month old North -- The start -- in the -- this comparison with the hatch tag many -- mini me. No words -- ever more trail little -- is no stranger to posing for the camera he's already been featured in magazines and attended Paris fashion. He's definitely her mother daughter. At number Q a one year old girl called Lucy has become a surprise YouTube star after her dad -- -- that time lapse video of her learning to walk. Lucy looks absolutely delighted with her effort although they don't always go as planned there you laugh tears -- along the way. Even a few people offering encouragement. But eventually he starts squawking like it can't -- enough and stop and -- -- now. And finally at number one -- eighty -- different kind introducing Khloe and orphaned mom actually melting hearts all over the Internet. -- surrogate mom is a zoo keeper in Sydney Australia -- wears a special pouch and bottle frequently every five hours. When she's not eating -- is apparently very affectionate and clearly adorable. But she does have one -- she loves chewing on issues. -- weakening DNA for more -- news from. Tomorrow for ABC news I'm searing pain in New York have a great yet.

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{"id":26110646,"title":"Angelina Jolie Made an Honorary Dame by the Queen of England","duration":"2:42","description":"ABC News' Sara Haines has the latest in the \"Pop News\" midday buzz.","url":"/GMA/video/angelina-jolie-made-honorary-dame-queen-england-26110646","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}