Asiana Flight 214 Crash Reviewed by Aviation Expert

John Nance speculates on the causes to the tragic airplane crash.
3:30 | 07/07/13

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Transcript for Asiana Flight 214 Crash Reviewed by Aviation Expert
Let's bring in now ABC news aviation consultant John Nance -- joins us from Seattle John good morning. Good morning so based on what you are hearing right now what do you think -- the possible causes for this crash. Well what we -- we absolutely -- always looks airplane was too low and it was too slowly just don't know why. More than likely there was a lack of power application and whether that was because the power -- can come off from the pilots called for it or whether it was for -- they were slow. Hard to believe that would be educational experienced airline pilots but it's -- the other and that will be revealed pretty easily with the cockpit voice recorders -- the flight data recorder. And John you said -- landing as -- passengers are most exposed to troubled but how much did it actually benefit the passengers the plane was at the end of its flight plan fuel -- levels are a lot. Well -- always helpful if you're gonna have a breached fuel tank situation which obviously was the situation here. To have less fuel out there who collision -- -- -- massive fires. I don't know whether it's going to be a pivotal aspect or not what happened here with the gear falling off for being ripped off the airplane. Undoubtedly the fuel tanks were breached -- more fuel -- left ignited. But it's certainly would better to have less fuel -- more. What we -- something like this everybody who ever gets on a plane is terrified immediately built it's worth noting though that the last -- major. US airline lost a plane in this country. Was in 2001. The disaster at JFK evolving American Airlines so anybody. Who is planning a summer vacation now -- -- get on the plane next couple of months should we derive comfort from this contact. -- we really should because -- of them. Twelve years more than twelve years since that last accident -- have a major airframe. At 32000. -- today or what we have on commercial airlines over the United States and and this is. Such a rare occurrence to -- essentially achieve zero in terms of of air safety. We'll get to the bottom of this to make sure it never happens again but the fact he has to -- aviation and commercial aviation is just an incredible success story. And obviously it's a tragedy that we now know of two fatalities here with airports could have been so many more talk about how important. That the level of expertise for the flight crew was to get all of these passengers off -- that have helped save their lives and just what ninety seconds that they took to get off the plane. That's always been our standard today and they do this and -- darkened -- relation to find the airplanes -- all the flight attendants are trained for this is not -- a lot of people still think they're there to serve meals and then you know. Keep the passengers somewhat happy the reality is the flight attendants are there for one purpose and that is to get you off that airplane safely fast if anything happens -- -- -- earn their pay almost one. -- one last question. How intense and how panoramic all of this investigation be. How much time do you think it will take and what are the burning questions that need to be answered just right now. Down one of -- things -- so good about the National Transportation Safety Board method as they look at everything. And they consider that there's never just one called on the really never is actually got a look at all the different things that are pieced together here that made this accident happened. And not just one calls -- everything to contributed to it that could take a year. All the we will have some very I think definitive answers fairly rapidly about power plants about -- what throttles were pushed -- not -- win. And of course those black boxes are crucial for this investigation. All right John we appreciate your expertise thanks for joining us this morning.

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{"id":19598450,"title":"Asiana Flight 214 Crash Reviewed by Aviation Expert","duration":"3:30","description":"John Nance speculates on the causes to the tragic airplane crash.","url":"/GMA/video/asiana-flight-214-crash-reviewed-aviation-expert-19598450","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}