Self-help author Lewis Howes shares his 3 tips for achieving 'greatness'

The best-selling author of "The School of Greatness" opens up about his new book live on "GMA."
4:21 | 10/27/17

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Transcript for Self-help author Lewis Howes shares his 3 tips for achieving 'greatness'
We are here now with former pro athlete Lewis Howes, the entrepreneur behind the podcast "School of greatness" downloaded more than 45 million times and now has a new book "The mask of masculinity" and we'll talk about that in a moment but first here's Lewis' story Lewis Howes is a former football player turned business entrepreneur and now self-help mogul. Give yourselves a round of applause. Reporter: His best save seller "The school of greatness" riding high on "The New York Times" best-seller's list and a podcast with 40 million downloads since it launched in 2013 1234r welcome back. Reporter: Using his pulpit to showcase inspiration from the greatest mine. When does it expire, you know and what is the reward? Reporter: While sharing his own hardships and how he's overcome them. And all the people that think it's unrealistic and all the people that will laugh at you, let them laugh. Reporter: Now he has a new book out "The mask of masculinity" and he's here to tell you how to be the best you in a matter of minutes. Great to have Lewis here and, Lewis, everybody talks about greatness. When you talk about greatness, you say it starts when you walk into a room. How is that? You got to start with the do/rway test. You know, we are a cell phone culture so we're always looking down, right? But it's hard to connect to people when we're looking down. Every time I walk through a doorway I elevate my chest and look up and look people in the eye so just like that, look people in the eye and connect. That's the great way to be great. What I want you to do not stand up, stay seated but ago like you're walking through a doorway and look people in the eye. That's it. It's empowering. Super empowering, gets your confidence up. Gets your energy going. We have whiteboards here. You will give us three keys to greatness. Three little things we can live by every day That's it. So what is your first -- snrs key number one, key number one is gralt today so I want to you write down one thing you're grateful for right now. It could be that you're on "Good morning America." That you're in New York City, about your family, about your health. Something you're grateful for, one quick thing. You write it down as well, Michael. Go ahead and hold up your whitebo whitebo whiteboards -- your wife. Trip to New York City. Family, health, opportunity, family, family, faith. Houston astro, there you go. Tigers, awesome. The more we are grateful for things, it feels better. No one wants to be around someone ungrateful so make sure you add gratitude in your life every single day. That's the first step. The we'll erase that. The second one. The second with unis growth. I want to you think about one thing in your life that you know you could improve in your life. Maybe it is your health you need improvement with. Maybe it's your finances, maybe it's mind-set. Think about something and write it down right now. One area of your life you could improve in and that you know you could grow in. When we are growing, we feel more empowered. We feel inspired. When we're not growing, we feel a little off. We don't feel great so show me your whiteboards. You know you can grow in math. Happiness, helping others. What do you say, being on time. Are you late? Are you late a lot? I'm not late. I'm right on time but I could be better. Thank you, guys. You can put it down. The third. The last one is simple. If you want to be great, give back. Okay. It could be giving back to a family member, a friend. It could be -- you don't have to write anything down here but think about an area you could give back. Get away from yourself and what I want you to do, if you came with a friend that you know god didn't give that person a hug. Simple thing you can do. If you came with someone -- someone next to you, you can give them a high-five. Hug it out, baby. Hug it out. We're going to hug it out, man. Smile more at people. That's a way you can give. Give back in your community. Give back to your family, friends. We appreciate you giving us your time and giving us all that advice and everybody should heed and definitely think about that every day. "The mask of masculinity" is out Tuesday. Make sure you pick it up from my

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{"duration":"4:21","description":"The best-selling author of \"The School of Greatness\" opens up about his new book live on \"GMA.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"50748196","title":"Self-help author Lewis Howes shares his 3 tips for achieving 'greatness'","url":"/GMA/video/author-lewis-howes-shares-tips-achieving-greatness-50748196"}