Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay says she made the right decision with fiance Bryan Abasolo

The couple opens up about their engagement, their experience on the show and their plans for the future.
6:03 | 08/08/17

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Transcript for Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay says she made the right decision with fiance Bryan Abasolo
bachelorette" and so many fans left reeling after the startling ending to Rachel Lindsay's love story. Expectations so high she would pick Peter that #teampeter is still one of the top trends on Twitter this morning but she picked Bryan instead and we'll talk to the newly engaged couple ahead standing by on facetime. First a look at Rachel's road to romance. She got her fairy tail Enny. Will you be mine forever. Not before one of the pose gut-wrenching breakups in franchise history. Rachel telling Peter he shouldn't propose after he admitted he wasn't ready to take the next step. Go find someone to have a mediocre life with. Why does that mean -- I will give you an amazing life and an amazing relationship. But you don't know what you want to do, Peter. Eye know what I'm saying 100% and it kills me. Then don't. And that is so hard for me to say but don't. Like if you don't want to, don't do it. But losing you hurts more. Reporter: Peter breaking down after saying one last good-bye. What's wrong with me? My biggest fear this entire thing is saying good-bye to somebody that I'm not supposed to say good-bye to. Reporter: Facing Rachel for the first time on "The bachelorette live". I apologize for what I said about not being in a life with me would be settling for a life of mediocrity and I don't believe that. You did say. I did say that and I'm so sorry. I'm living my best life. Do you still love Rachel. I still have feelings for Rachel. I think there will always be a special place in my heart for you. Reporter: Despite that ending Rachel and her fiance Bryan are ready to celebrate their new beginning. From the many first rose on night one. Bryan, will you accept this first impression rose? Gee, let me think, of course. Don't take too long. No, absolutely 100% yes. Okay. I think I'm doing this right. And I'm going to have to steal another kiss. Yeah, I think you're going to have to. To the very last. Bryan, will you accept this rose? Reporter: It was clear Bryan stole the bachelorette's heart. We're engaged. Reporter: Now the couple finally allowed to go public with their love. Bryan getting down on one knee and proposing again. Rachel, I was in love with you when I proposed to you on top of that castle in intan. And every single day that has passed I fall deeper and deeper in love with you. And I never want you to take this ring off your finger ever again. Will you remarry me. Reporter: Showing off that over three-carat ring and spilling details about their wedding plans. We want to do -- well, she wants to do a winter wed egg and whatever she wants, she gets. And Rachel and Bryan are on their way here stuck in traffic so they'll join us live on facetime. Welcome, Rachel and welcome, Bryan. Congratulations to you guys. Hey. Hi. Thank you so much. All right. Rachel, you're waving at us. Show us the ring. Show us the ring. Oh, oh. There you go. Can you see it? Bryan, whoa! Great ring. I did good. I did good. You did well and you got the first impression rose and you got the first kiss as well so did you expect to be with Rachel at this point right now? You knew this was going to happen. Well, when I got that first impression rose, you know, I was feeling very confident moving forward and, you know, there really wasn't any issue moving forward in our relationship so, you know, my confidence remained sky high throughout and I didn't have any reason to think otherwise. And, Rachel, how about you? Was your confidence as high in Bryan as he had his confidence in himself? Bryan had has a lot of confidence. I mean I was confident in our relationship but I mean, you know, I went back and forth because I had to make the best decision for me and I wanted to make sure I made the right decision which obviously I did. And, Rachel, you were in a very precarious situation yesterday with Peter. And what if Peter had proposed to you as well? Were you ready to face two proposals? Well, no. I mean if you -- you see the emotional breakup that Peter and I had and he was ready to propose, but at that point I knew that he wasn't the one for me. And it was really important for me to not have two men standing up there at the end. If I knew what I was going to do then I wanted to send someone home. Or send that person home the night before. How tough was it to face Peter live last night? I'm sure you probably haven't seen him since lawyer last encounter in yeah, yeah, I hadn't seen Peter since what you saw last night. It was more frustrating to see Peter than anything else. That was a frustrating breakup. I'm sure it was and was it hard for you, Bryan, was it hard for you to see Peter last night. I know it's tough for you to watch Rachel on dates with other men when you know where your heart lies. It's hard to watch your fiancee date 30 other men. I actually didn't -- I didn't meet with Peter last night, but, you know, I saw the final episode and, yeah, as a man, you feel a little frustration of how, you know, she was treated and the position she was put in for the simple fact that, you know, here I am, you know, totally committed. Totally invested. Totally ready to start a real future with this woman and on the other end you have someone who is indecisive, wishy-washy and at the same time he's telling her he's in love with her and will propose. So, you know, it was just tough to watch. I tell you what, you guys are in traffic. We appreciate you checking in

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{"duration":"6:03","description":"The couple opens up about their engagement, their experience on the show and their plans for the future.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"49081329","title":"Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay says she made the right decision with fiance Bryan Abasolo","url":"/GMA/video/bachelorette-rachel-lindsay-fiance-bryan-open-live-gma-49081329"}