Back to School Lunchbox Showdown

Food & Wine's Gail Simmons and chef Marcus Samuelsson spice up the standard lunch fare with tasty and healthy meal ideas.
4:21 | 08/27/14

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Transcript for Back to School Lunchbox Showdown
Brought in a team to help parents create healthy lumps that taste great. Gail Simmons from "Food & wine" magazine and Marcus samuelsson. You star together on "The feed" on the FYI network on Thursdays. Tell us about what you brought. You guys will go head-to-head. What do you have inside your lunch? All about the lunch box showdown. Are you ready? I was born ready, Marcus. This is what we do on the feed competing against each other to make silly but smart challenges as you can do them better. What do you have? I have a vegetable PETA with some mad libs with a little bit of chocolate. Nice. I've got veggie and chicken sandwich rolls and apple sandwich. That looks like my idea on the show. I had some inspiration and these are beet, carrot and sweet potato baked chips. Let's walk over here. You can start to make them. I want to introduce our ups as we do this as well. Hi, girls. That is Alexandra and Jacqueline. He's already buttering them up. The judges. Alexandra is age 10, fifth grade, Jacqueline is 7, in the second grade. Both from New Jersey and why don't you start to taste as you tell us, Gail, what you got here. You guys can dig in. Go for it. Go for it. Do it. So I'm making veggie rolls, very simple. Can be done the night before. I sliced my bread lengthwise. I'm just going to spread on a little bit of hummus, protein, chick pays. A homemade wrap. Like a homemade wrap but it's fun because you'll cut it with sushi. Do it with roast beef, peanut butter and jelly. I'm doing shredded chicken, sprinkled shredded cheese and cucumbers, avocado. Just make it healthy and fresh like that. Maybe some avocado. Kids would have fun helping. Absolutely, they would. That's what is so great about this. I'll roll it a little bit like this. If I use my Saran, you can roll it like sushi. Right up in the plastic. Right up in the plastic and Somes right like this. Beautiful surprise and then I can -- Did you bring my sushi knife. I was tried to use a tornay knife. I'm not sure why. I'll go straight to the dessert. These are the apple sandwiches. I've spread a little almond butter and sprinkled with granola and chocolate chip, yet, nutritious. You have a little stew going on. I got a vegetable stew going on. You know, this is perfect. You can make it the night before and then -- All the flavors dig in there. And stew the vegetables will taste really good and add lemon juice and a little bit of fresh herbs and just stew just tastes and smells amazing. I'm going to stuff it in my PETA. And this is actually a whole wheat PETA so both healthy and delicious. All right. With that I'm bringing so some -- All right, all right, all right. Then to the girls. We got a whole -- I will take one right there. These are good. Can I have one. What do you think? All right. You're still eating. Go ahead. Who wins? I don't know if they tried everything. It tastes pretty good. Uh -- What do we have. Too hard to decide. Jackie. What did you think? What did you think? Um -- Remember I signed here. Remember that? It's just going to have to be a draw. You guys are both so great. Whoo-hoo. You can go to on Yahoo! To get all the recipes from Marcus. My mouth is full. Check out the feed on the FYI network on Thursdays. Joint venture from our parent company at Disney and Hurst. Go to our instagram pages on "Good morning America."

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{"id":25142557,"title":"Back to School Lunchbox Showdown","duration":"4:21","description":"Food & Wine's Gail Simmons and chef Marcus Samuelsson spice up the standard lunch fare with tasty and healthy meal ideas. ","url":"/GMA/video/back-school-lunchbox-showdown-25142557","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}