'Baywatch' Star Opens Up About Plastic Surgery

Nicole Eggert appeared on E's "Botched" for breast reduction surgery.
4:34 | 04/23/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Baywatch' Star Opens Up About Plastic Surgery
Former star of "Baywatch" Nicole Eggers speaks out about hi she went turned knife for the third time. Reporter: She was the fresh-faced teen Jamie Powell on the '80s sitcom Charles in charge. I want to have fun while I'm young enough to enjoy it. Reporter: Later donning the swim suit as a "Baywatch" babe. Known for her signature curves. Today, it's those curves causing her issues. I wanted to enhance myself a little bit. I never wanted the big thing. Reporter: This week, she stars on E's botched. A reality show where people are hoping to fix disastrous plastic surgery outcomes. When she wept to get breast implants a few years ago, she came out with larger breasts than she wanted. The doctor has complete control when you're under. In my case, my doctor decided huge boobs would be amazing on me. It was horrible. Reporter: Working with doctors on the show, she decides it was time for a breast reduction. Her days of being a baywatch babe running around on the sand are over. She's got two young children. She really wants to be smaller. And be more proportional. Reporter: And Eggert is not alone. This woman bearing facial deformities after suffering from severe burns and undergoing ten reconstructive surgeries. We can change this. Reporter: This patient, seeking a transformation after having her face injected with cement. There are times that the plastic surgery complications are so advanced and disfiguring, they're potentially not fixable. It's a fine line you ride between understanding how bad the problems are, and how badly the patient wants to fix them, but at what cost? Reporter: As for Eggert, she's happy with her decision. Less is more. I think the goal is to feel good. The you feel good, you look good. Reporter: For "Good morning America," Mara schiavocampo, ABC news, New York. Thank you, Mara. Let's get more. A real wakeup call about the risks. And there's no such thing as minor surgery. You talk about the richks of plastic surgery, the largest one is what we call unsast factory cosmesis. You cannot like the appearance. Routine surgical risks. Infection, bleeding, anesthesia. They all have to be on the consent form and discussed with the patient preop Ra actively. What are the three most botched procedures. We find the three most botched procedures are rhinoplasty, or nose jobs. Breast augmentation or liposuction, on the abdomen or other parts of the body. What should people think about before they commit? It's important to know that where you're taking about rhinoplasty. You can get an overresection. Breast augmentation, an uneven result, where the breast implants are too large or too small. And liposuction, too much scarring or indeations, dents, or grooves. She said she got larger than she asked for. Is that -- can that happen? Yeah, absolutely. You can get a too large implant, which creates complications. Isn't it your choice? It shouldn't be like, surprise. No question. We use a lot of technology with computer images. We can show patients exactly what they're going to look like using a computer analysis before surgery. It's all about patient expectation and making sure they're well-educated and know what they're going to get. Tara Reid was a famous botched plastic surgery situation. That was liposuction. Right? It was. It is scarring or taking out too much fat in an area. Even if everything goes great, and according to plan, you can still have a bad result. Bottom line, what do we do? If you want to have surgery? Have good expectations and go to a board-certified surgeon. And slesz more. I like that.

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{"duration":"4:34","description":"Nicole Eggert appeared on E's \"Botched\" for breast reduction surgery. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"30523975","title":"'Baywatch' Star Opens Up About Plastic Surgery","url":"/GMA/video/baywatch-star-opens-botched-plastic-surgery-30523975"}