The best mattresses as ranked by Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports released a new report that rates the best mattresses on the market, including their top picks for mattresses-in-a-box.
4:39 | 01/23/18

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Transcript for The best mattresses as ranked by Consumer Reports
Thank you very much for that. Let's go to the bed that will help you get a better night's sleep. "Consumer reports" has a new review and Becky Worley has a new look and they're looking at everything from air mattresses to beds in a box. That's right, Michael. Snooze alert we're calling it. Like seemingly every other industry, the standard way of buying a mattress is being disrupted. You did, of course, go to a store and flop down on 10 or 15 beds. See what fees right to you or you can go online and order a bed in a box to be delivered to your door and according to "Consumer reports," that concept is not as crazy as it seems. We spend a third of our lives in bed. Ah. Reporter: But when the tossing and turning means you need a new mattress that's when the sleepless nights really start. While the options may seem indistinguishable to us "Consumer reports" examined more than 116 beds. We tested three different kind, inner spring mattresses and foam mattresses and adjustable air mattresses. Reporter: Pushing them to the limits testing durability, firmness and support. Cost range from $400 all the way to $4400. But sleep expert Dr. Michael Bruce says price isn't the only factor. I would say price is probably the last factor that you would want to really look at. I would say you need to get on to a bed you feel comfortable on that your bed partner feels comfortable on that you have the right support characteristics. Reporter: What's new here, beds in a box. It's a two-step process that can squish a king size mattress pancake flat. It makes one perfect mattress. Reporter: Emerging as yet another challenger to traditional retail this $2400 one by essential and this one by sleep on latex and this popular $950 bargain by Casper all receiving some of the highest ratings by "Consumer reports." Out of 116 different kinds of mattresses that we tested we had 41 included in our ratings this time around. Right now there are about 12% of the whole market whereas a few years ago they were only 6%. Reporter: Not ready to flip on the way you catch some Zs this coil and spring mattress from Charles Rogers and adjustable air mattress from sleep number are the top two "Consumer reports" recommended for an express trip to dreamland. Everything you do you do better with a good night sleep so affects how you think, feel so if you don't get good sleep a whole lot of other things don't go so well. So no matter your budget or buying style, rest assured, there's a bed for you. One of the most interesting aspects of buying a bed these days is the return policy. They're very generous both from stores and from online retailers. Some as long as 120 days which is good if you don't like it, you can send it back. I mean, Michael, you have the "Consumer reports" deemed crowd pleaser bed, the Casper, right? I do. I do. Yeah, every time I see this I'm thinking we got a bed in a box. But it's hard to imagine what it looks like because it is in a box so I'll have the guys come out and we'll open this up. We'll see what it looks like out of the box. There you go, fellas. Tilt it over. There you go. That's very simple. Pretty amazing. I'm not supposed to do this. I'm trying to help. You're walking away. Don't leave me. This is pretty amazing. That's what it looks like out of the box and takes about a minute to put it together, right, Becky? Yeah, I mean it's so crazy that something that comes compacted like that. You got a burrito there that that would turn into a bed. You got the mattress there, right? All laid out. Does it feel like a Normal bed. I tell you this is really comfortable. You're welcome to join me, I mean this is really comfortable, everybody. Really something else. And, Becky, so say you don't like this, how do you get it back into the box? That is a big challenge and it's interesting, a lot of these online services will not actually take the mattress back. They may not have you ship it back for that exact reason, they may have you donate it to charity if you end up not wanting it but the return rates are less than 7% so most people seem to like them. All right. Thank you, Becky. Everybody do your research. Good night of sleep is very important. Going to go over to you, robin. Michael, I don't think I've ever seen you look so comfortable. I'm about to nap. Looks good. Looks good.

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{"duration":"4:39","description":"Consumer Reports released a new report that rates the best mattresses on the market, including their top picks for mattresses-in-a-box. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52536701","title":"The best mattresses as ranked by Consumer Reports ","url":"/GMA/video/best-mattresses-ranked-consumer-reports-52536701"}