Biggest Moments at the 50th Annual CMA Awards

"Good Morning America" co-anchor Lara Spencer reports from Nashville on the must-see awards show that included a performance by Beyonce and a tribute to Dolly Parton.
4:05 | 11/03/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Biggest Moments at the 50th Annual CMA Awards
Because really unforgettable and Lara was there for it all. Lara, I told you you'd have a great time. I was right, huh? Robin, I mean, you are so right. Greetings, guys, from Broadway, downtown Nashville. This was amazing. A galaxy of stars not all from planet country but movie star, legends coming together to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the cmas. Moment after moment to sing along. Jennifer garner, Sharon stone, Matthew mcconaughey to witness a tribute to dolly parton and watch a foot-stomping performance by newcomer Beyonce. ??? Head held high ??? Beyonce brought down the house. ??? Reporter: Joining the Dixie chicking for a foot-stomping rendition of "Daddy lessons" off her "Lemonade" -- Dolly is country music. Pure and simple. ??? Working 9:00 to 5:00 ??? ??? what a way to make a living ??? ??? barely getting by it's all taking and no giving ??? ??? here you come again ??? ??? just when I'm about to make it work without you ??? Reporter: Which is why it was only fitting to have not one but five of country's biggest female superstars from different generations pay homage to the one and only dolly parton. ??? And I ??? Reporter: All five singing "I will always love you." ??? Love you ??? Gosh, thank you, dolly. The queen of country then honored with the Willie Nelson lifetime achievement award. For me to be receiving the Willie Nelson award, this is an absolute high for me. Reporter: Taylor Swift electrified the crowd in this black and nude gown as she presented the entertainer of the year award. And the cma award for entertainer of the year goes to Garth brooks. We are so damn lucky to be part of this thing called country music. He was so, so happy and dolly was saying she was trying so hard not to dry during that incredible performance, tribute because she didn't want to ruin her makeup, of course. And good morning, Garth, I'm sure you're still up hopefully sill celebrating the record fifth win for entertainer of the year. As we wake up in Nashville, excuse moot trubs mind me we have more. At 8:00 you'll hear from more stars and Nicole kidman who of course was there with Keith urban who revealed a secret about herself that turns out we have in common. Quite a moment. Poor Keith urban, I'll say. Coming up. You're good with those teases there, Lara. Hmm. Inquiring minds. I know. Robin, I got to tell you, robin, I love this town. You were right. Nashville, I'm voting the nicest town in America. Whoa. I'm telling you. They roll out their red carpet and they are so hospitable and that award show is about the music and because of the game, people going back and forth I believe they have all the performances on our website. They put them all online so people can see it. Can't wait to see more of Lara's backstage access. Glad she had a good time and all

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{"duration":"4:05","description":"\"Good Morning America\" co-anchor Lara Spencer reports from Nashville on the must-see awards show that included a performance by Beyonce and a tribute to Dolly Parton.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"43269675","title":"Biggest Moments at the 50th Annual CMA Awards ","url":"/GMA/video/biggest-moments-50th-annual-cma-awards-43269675"}