New Biopic, 'Straight Outta Compton,' Gives Inside Look at NWA

A closer look at the new film about one of the most influential rap groups of all time, N.W.A.
3:56 | 08/13/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New Biopic, 'Straight Outta Compton,' Gives Inside Look at NWA
Little throwback Thursday to look at one of the most influential rap groups of all time NW. Bay rose to fame and some would say infamy in the eighties tomorrow. A buyout but a film about them we'll hit the theater and ABC's Byron Pitts so good to have you here in New Zealand unit great right along. Oh yes that's here this movie will move you. It's a story as much about relationships and being relevant as it is about Iraq. Art Sumner said. It was the late 19. Young black name calling themselves in W away. Became the new voice of a generation. Vice Dr. Dre eazy EMC rent DJ yell they were called the most dangerous group straight out of com. And pushed back against racial profiling and police crime it's revolutionizing hip hop some hearing only violence in the lyrics of his hearing their own story. Private secure these rappers look like gang members. You can't come down here and arrest people just because what they look like you crazy. Outfits police harassment he said your manager right yeah not employed. Does that matter. You cannot come down here wraps these guys because they're black. The movie is it true family of fear ice team when the movie's producer displayed by his real life son. You played your daddy well. Right from the smile to the Jerry curled to the black man that you had it all better. What was injuring like for you. Playing a time in history which in many ways is repeating itself now with the violence between the police and men of color to. Well my father is always kept me informed about the harsh realities of the world this movie is so relevant at the time because nothing has really changes except you know we got camera phones. This is more than just Iraq movie is some it's a movie about. American history is some movie about brother it's a movie about stand enough for your rights. As Stan and now float. Freedom of speech the government they say tried to center that we had to FBI we have major media against us people whom. Really didn't understand what we was about. In this age of purpose and Freddie great Sandra bland and the steady stream of cell phone bidding. Lyrics of NWA. Still resonate today. This life better for nineteen year old Ann Compton California that it would have been for you and Dr. Dre eazy. Risen to say. I think it's pretty much society. Is what you make. In and you have to. Detectives. You have to look out he is. You have to make sure you stay alive in a place like count. And you have to have a right at its own is the same as it's always thing you know some place of choices. And you gotta make to write downs. He's strata Compton opens nationwide tomorrow. We saw from my efforts by his son Gloria goodness applicant in the marriage went in those two like that. Ice cube has made some really great choices and others were part of this dumping some really great results absolutely doctor drain world renowned producer. Multi millionaire. Business news during the the headsets and an ice Q this is a guy who's who makes movies TV shows he's a producer. And I think Romney talked about most his most product. He's been married for 2.5 years yes. Cindy grace five good kids as they happen and this film is this so much more than round hole yet no question the question is about. I call it sort of poison has heard meets Jersey ports. It's about it's about guys who put a town they came together they had a dreamy look this city is that the trailer. If I think you very much it's great to have you here and you can see much more this man's report. On the movie and Compton then and tonight on Nightline.

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{"duration":"3:56","description":"A closer look at the new film about one of the most influential rap groups of all time, N.W.A.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33057913","title":"New Biopic, 'Straight Outta Compton,' Gives Inside Look at NWA","url":"/GMA/video/biopic-straight-outta-compton-inside-nwa-33057913"}