'Blackfish' Documentary Takes On Seaworld

Movie focuses on the negative aspects of whales in captivity.
3:03 | 07/27/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Blackfish' Documentary Takes On Seaworld
Well it's one of America's favorite attractions every day thousands of people flocked to sea world to see their favorite -- live animals at play. But this morning a new documentary exposing the darker -- the theme park is making waves of its own. The film digs deep -- how whales are treated at SeaWorld and it comes as a family is talking about the video they took a beached whale beached pilot -- struggling. To get back into the water and -- rob Nelson is here with the story another PR problem for the -- that. He's kind of person doing a little bit -- good morning guys good morning everyone. The real show last weekend at SeaWorld in Orlando didn't happen in the water but. In the crowd an audience furious after a dolphin gets stuck -- the edge of the water and witnesses say the trainers didn't act fast enough to help the animal. That -- -- and all the uproar. Caught on camera. And this is the moment -- SeaWorld in Orlando went from entertain you did downright angry last weekend. Yeah in this video captured by Carlo de -- -- this. A pilot whale type of dolphin appears to be trapped on -- -- struggling to get back into the water the crowd gets. Angry when the trainers don't quickly offer help at that point you can hear the crowd opera where they're furious. -- and the protest. They're stopping -- seen kids were panicked. The video posted to YouTube has now over 35000. Views. -- on -- this and his family worked at the park last Saturday to celebrate the eleventh birthday of his daughter Kent who wants to be adults and trainer. According to witnesses the animal appeared to be helpless for about twenty minutes. -- on this family walked out vowing never to return issue if heartbroken she loves dolphins and -- used -- -- SeaWorld. Afterwards he solves no longer wants to work there but. In a statement to ABC news SeaWorld says the animal was never in any danger at all. And that quote the pilot whales come out on alleged all the time and the animals seemed to enjoy it and it has no effect on their health or well being. According to the park this is the very same pilot whale rescued by -- -- on an episode of Sam Champion sea rescue from may. This incident comes just as SeaWorld is -- the defensive over the newly released documentary black fish which argues that years of captivity make these animals -- more aggressive and even deadly. The movie tells the story of the killer whale Telekom who was associated with the deaths of three people during his thirty years of captivity. Including a SeaWorld trainer -- intend. Now SeaWorld has fought back against the documentary writing to fifty movie critics around the country blasting what it describes as egregious and untrue allegations it calls black fish shamefully -- honest deliberately misleading and guys also scientifically. -- -- -- -- -- Time watch that video although it's unclear what we're actually seen here in this SeaWorld statement that interest and other a lot of places -- -- -- -- -- -- unsafe and yet have technocrat thank you.

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{"duration":"3:03","description":"Movie focuses on the negative aspects of whales in captivity.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19790943","title":"'Blackfish' Documentary Takes On Seaworld","url":"/GMA/video/blackfish-documentary-takes-seaworld-19790943"}