Blizzard 2013 Paralyzes Northeast Region

The extreme weather team tracks the latest on the northeast snowstorm.
5:44 | 02/10/13

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Transcript for Blizzard 2013 Paralyzes Northeast Region
Take a look at this amazing satellite picture of the blizzard 2013 you could see why this snowstorm paralyzed some of the most heavily populated areas of this country. The stats are now coming in and they are very impressive the worst hit town handed Connecticut where they got an astonishing. Forty inches it was our record breaker in Portland Maine a place he used to snowstorms. They had nearly 32 inches from this one Andy give you a sense of -- power of the storm the winds were as strong as a category one -- came with gusts. To 83 miles an hour on the cape that's Cape Cod. And speaking of Massachusetts that's where meteorologist ginger -- is this -- in Boston -- -- good morning. Good morning -- -- Boston was one of the areas hardest -- and record making -- it was the fifth largest snowfall. On record in weather history in Boston. And it's not just the snow and windows concerned about this morning that's gone it's the cold temperatures look how cold it is for a lot of these cities that you were just talking about. More than 350000. Still without power. And the numbers not pretty as we go into day two of digging out. It was a turbulent -- it. Demolishing sea walls in New Hampshire sending the ocean into Massachusetts homes and forcing people and their belongings. -- the nor'easter that -- mobilized more than forty million Americans this weekend is now off to seat. But it's icy residue is. Feet deep. Everywhere in Casey's car is and responsible for taking at least nine lives to the carbon monoxide poisoning including a twelve year old boy. I'm assuming -- quotes -- -- father told him to sit in the car. And then next thing you know the province are screaming he's not breathing -- stop breathing. The exhaust pipe had backed up with -- if he continued doctor coming out and obviously -- -- -- now but that's not always the case what are the hidden dangers posed -- very is starting your car and it hadn't carbon monoxide back up. Today more than 2000 National Guard troops in four states will be making their rounds to help. From an all time record snowfall for Portland Maine of almost 32 inches to the fifth largest snowfall on record in Boston. There's a lot more digging to do. Even if you get just about -- -- now it can easily -- an end -- four or five. The storm wasn't the best for business say hi how -- after -- on the opportunity. But there was a blizzard victory when the National Guard made it through the worst of the storm and -- -- Massachusetts to help deliver this little lady. No I guess there's new year is -- using septic death while my isn't pleasant baby it's a weekend her parents and countless others. Will not soon forget. We have another blizzard to talk about also tornadoes in parts of the country and a slight warmup for the northeast -- have all of that the national forecast but for now. We -- -- deal beneath says the latest an honorary member of the extreme -- except we begin since no pants he's in Milford Connecticut. I know I'm waiting for the no offense did -- good morning we are in front of a church here in -- -- But you know clearly this Sunday morning nobody walking in here today and that's because getting around town as we found out is and -- In the aftermath of the 2013 -- so many cars were stuck in the snow even we tried to help move them. That's the story across Connecticut where at least five deaths are being blamed on the storm and governor Dan Malloy is asking President Obama -- financially. I have both filed a request with president United States -- and emergency declaration this was -- record breaking storm throughout the state. At one point the storm forced every road in the state to shut down. And those with the right equipment had no place to go -- you are trying to dig yourself out. And you get stuck got stuck we made to slow journey from Hartford Connecticut to Milford. Which saw a whopping 38 inches in this town of 50000. Everything for the crash a doorway a no parking signs all buried beneath the white stuff. -- Smith is trying to dig herself out these selective now. I do but -- this look at but not mesa drive and or. You know shovels. -- but the to have a nice cup of cocoa. And it is still a -- here in Connecticut from 37000. -- Are still without power then be -- -- Thank you hear it looks official of the NBC news I think he can -- extreme team here's the latest on what's running and what's not running on this day after the blizzard. After airports in the northeast shut down on Friday afternoon -- airlines canceling more than 5300 flights all three major New York area airports have -- reopen with limited service. In Boston Logan Airport has opened one -- and tanks Bradley International Airport has just reopened. This morning. And on the rails Amtrak hopes to restore limited train service today between New York City and Boston. Most service is canceled throughout much of New England commuter trains -- on a limited schedule. And Boston's famous -- transit system shut down by the storm hopes to have service reopened in time for Monday's commute back to work. And those who can't -- -- a big problem for bus and they can't get that open on the roads in New York the highways where hundreds of cars were stuck in the snow have now reopened but. 126 mile stretch of the -- -- -- they still closed this morning and the travel plans in Massachusetts Connecticut Rhode Island. Have now been lifted millions of people have a huge headache facing them.

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{"id":18455608,"title":"Blizzard 2013 Paralyzes Northeast Region","duration":"5:44","description":"The extreme weather team tracks the latest on the northeast snowstorm.","url":"/GMA/video/blizzard-2013-paralyzes-northeast-region-18455608","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}