Does Body Size Matter in Regards to Health?

The results are in for size-14 model Ashley Graham and size-2 model Abeba Davis, who each underwent a fitness test and medical exam.
4:53 | 11/11/15

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Transcript for Does Body Size Matter in Regards to Health?
"Gma" body proud with model and body activist Ashley graham. This morning we are challenging the notion of what it means to be healthy by putting two models to a health test. They're the same age, almost exactly T same height but with one important twist. Take a look. They are top models who behind every day in photos and on the catwalk. But we want to know is the size 2 as healthy as a size 14? We'll find out by putting them through fitness tests. First up Ashley graham, age 28. Stands tall at 5'9" and wears a size. 14. No history of diabetes or heart disease and exercises regularly. I do all kinds of cardio and weight lifting. I do classes. Reporter: And abeba Davis, size 5'10" and I a size 2. Has diabetes in her family and exercise, not so much. I walk my dog a lot. Walking counts. The two start their exam with our own Dr. Jennifer Ashton. We'll do some basic height, weight, check some basic blood work that's kind of like the barometer of overall health. Which would be a nonfasting diabetes screen, a nonfasting cholesterol panel and then just kind of see where you are. Good. Perfect. Questions? No, take my blood. Okay. Next up, abeba. Do you think you're in good shape. No. I think physically I've been blessed genetically. Don't be nervous. But that's not all. Our models head to crunch for a fitness test. I heard you're going to put me through hard core regimen. Yes, we'll get an assessment as well as a fit test on the treadmill. Let's go. We'll get you five minutes of max. We're going to go ahead and do an overhead squat assessment. I want you to perform a series of 15 squats. Okay. And abbeba. If I fit test. Okay. You're going to have both feet facing directly towards me and airports are going to be nice and long overhead. So which model is a picture of health? Find out live right now. That's right and we have Ashley with us and Dr. Jennifer Ashton as well so Dr. Ashton why don't you tell us the results. The molt of truth. So first thing we did, we checked blood pressure. Head-to-head, both in the Normal range. Ashley's is a little better than abeba and nonfasting diabetes test called the hemoglobin a1. C. Both Normal. You did a little better than abeba. Cholesterol, ldl. Both Normal. This is where abeba did a little better than Ashley. We want to thank quest diagnostics for running these and put you on the treadmill and did a fitness test both passed pretty well. You are 28 but I want to be clear. Weight is relevant. It's one thing that we look at. We want to assess that today. You both did great and also want to assess it down the road in the few fracture. That's why living a healthy lifestyle is so important. What do you make of those? I'm not surprised. It's clear this is a very healthy woman right here. I love it. Yes, you are. You started at the very beginning of your day, what do you do each and every morning. I hike to start with hot water and lemon and do -- it's alkalines my body but I have green juice. I swear a green juice a day keeps the doctor away. Like a serving of vegetables. Spinach, kale, apple, lemon, ginger. About 2 1/2 cups of vegetables per day and get that in a nice juice in the morning. Try to use the pulp so you get the 2350iber. A little sweet. It's great. You guys, you're already done. Then in terms of keeping your body fit. You are fit. You proved that today. What do you do? Thank you, girl. Squats, arms, I am always traveling, I never settle down. I don't know where I'm going to be. So -- Just have my juice while you work out. Arms are really important and I always like to go this way and then, doctor, sorry, I'll come forward and I like to go out and like to do it with a squat and make sure -- Full body work Ute. Make sure that your butt is out like you're going to sit down and knees cannot go over your toes. Anyone who follows you on instagram knows you're doing these every day. Women to did weights. They need to do resistance training. As important as cardio and your form is on point. You keep working out. I'll keep drinking and ginger,

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{"id":35126790,"title":"Does Body Size Matter in Regards to Health?","duration":"4:53","description":"The results are in for size-14 model Ashley Graham and size-2 model Abeba Davis, who each underwent a fitness test and medical exam.","url":"/GMA/video/body-size-matter-health-35126790","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}