Obama Requests Over $2B in Emergency Funds

The request is to help deal with the flood of children crossing the border from Central America.
1:27 | 07/08/14

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Transcript for Obama Requests Over $2B in Emergency Funds
We turn to president Obama and that growing humanitarian crisis on our southern border. The president heading to Texas and sending congress requests for more than $2 billion in emergency funding to deal with the flood of children from central America crossing into the United States. ABC's Jon Karl covering that. The president is taking heats on all sides on this issue. Reporter: It sure is and just announced -- the white house announced the president is offering to meet with governor Perry while he was in Texas because one of the strongest lines of criticism is the president is going to Texas for political fund-raisers but is not going to be visiting the border. Perry asked for a meeting. Now he'll get it but Perry has been one of the harshest critics. On "This week" he says he doesn't believe the president cares whether the border is secure. He suggested there was a conspiracy to have more kids come over. The president is holding off to ask for new power to send necessary kids back quickly. Reporter: He says that will come but this is about money. I am told this is going to be I are quest for well over $2 billion. The white house saying it will be to beef up security and also to increase those legal proceedings to deport many of these children. Yesterday the white house said most of the people that go through -- most of the kids that go through the proceedings will be deported back. Right now only a tiny fraction have been sent back. Jon, thanks very much.

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{"id":24463026,"title":"Obama Requests Over $2B in Emergency Funds","duration":"1:27","description":"The request is to help deal with the flood of children crossing the border from Central America.","url":"/GMA/video/border-crisis-obama-requests-billion-emergency-funds-24463026","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}