Brad Paisley, Wife Victims of Dying Girl Hoax

The Paisleys received phone calls from person they believed to be a little girl dying of cancer.
2:17 | 11/07/13

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Transcript for Brad Paisley, Wife Victims of Dying Girl Hoax
We continue with brad paisley and his wife opening up about the elaborate scam targeting them and many other celebrities. They were tricked by a woman, pretending to be a young girl dying from cancer. Emotional blackmail, if you will. Abc news tracked down the woman behind the hoax, as the result of a year-long investigation. Abc's david wright has the story. Reporter: They're a nashville power couple. Brad paisley. Reporter: The man in the white hat, hosting the country music awards. And his wife, one of the stars of abc's "nashville." Brad and kimberly paisley recently got some unwanted attention. Like emotional terrorism. Reporter: From a woman who contacted them about a little girl's dying wish. She was supposed to be 8 years old and had a neurostoma. I remember thinking what if this is a hoax. It was trumped by an overwhelming feeling, what if it's not a hoax? Reporter: For ten days, they opened themselves up to a total stranger in agony. And at point, brad got on the phone and sang "amazing grace." Then, it started to get weird. ♪ Jesus loves me this I know ♪ Reporter: Eventually, they found out it was a hoax. I felt so violated. I vowed that I'm going to find her. Reporter: Turns out the paisleys were in good company. Abc news has tracked down at let a dozen other celebrities who fell for the same hoax. We confirmed at least a dozen people. And there's at least a dozen more that we're working to confirm still. Reporter: The hoaxer even stole photos of real cancer victims to fool them. We found her in a trailer park in douglas, wyoming. Hope jackson knew what she was doing was wrong. What did you get out of it? Just that moment of being special. She hadn't technically committed a crime because she didn't ask for money. But that shows you what a pro she was. Reporter: But jackson made one crucial mistake. "Amazing grace." The performance itself has value. It does. Reporter: Even if you're singing it on the phone. Right. Reporter: She found herself behind bars for stealing a performance of a so for "good morning america," david wright, abc news, douglas, wyoming.

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{"id":20814096,"title":"Brad Paisley, Wife Victims of Dying Girl Hoax","duration":"2:17","description":"The Paisleys received phone calls from person they believed to be a little girl dying of cancer.","url":"/GMA/video/brad-paisley-wife-victims-dying-girl-hoax-20814096","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}