Buckingham Palace Walls Breached

Man scales fence to breaks inside the Queen of England's home.
2:06 | 09/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Buckingham Palace Walls Breached
We're going to turn to a security concern at buckingham palace. A man scaling the fence to get inside the queen's home. Abc's nick schriffen is outside the palace right now. Good morning, nick. Reporter: Good morning, bianna. You're right. This is one of the most serious security breeches in more than 30 years. And police are investigating how it's possible that someone could break into the queen's home. It's like an intruder breaking into the white house. Buckingham palace security is supposed to be top-notch. But this morning, we're learning a man was able to scale over the 12-foot walls and walk into the state rooms. During the day, the rooms are open to the public. At night, they're supposed to be secure. The man set off motion detectors. That's when police rushed to the scene, arrested him and charged him with trespassing, burglary. The let's have a review of security. There will be one. Reporter: It's the worst security breech since 1982, when this man, michael fagan, hopped up a drainpipe to the queen's bedroom. She woke up and spoke to fagan for ten minutes. In 2004, a more colorful intruder. The caped crusader scaled the walls. And in 2005, the strangest breech of all, a comedian gate crashed prince william's 21st birthday party. He got all the way to the prince. Even kissing him on the cheeks. Some of this seems bizarre, but they call all of the incidents serious. The royal family do not want to be completely cocooned in this protective cell. They rely on their popularity and publicity. Reporter: This incident occurred on monday night when the queen and her family were at home. This morning, scotland yard is taking it very seriously.

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{"id":20187465,"title":"Buckingham Palace Walls Breached","duration":"2:06","description":"Man scales fence to breaks inside the Queen of England's home.","url":"/GMA/video/buckingham-palace-walls-breached-20187465","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}