Buddy Valastro's Easter Cooking Tips

The "Cake Boss" makes a lamb chop and Easter basket cake on "GMA."
5:27 | 04/17/14

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Transcript for Buddy Valastro's Easter Cooking Tips
Check out -- bluster over. Hey buddy so worried about being carried -- -- we're gonna come about the remarkably. -- me feel really at this -- and happy we got that felt myself absolutely not unit and thanks to school. -- -- yeah. Million dollars million viewers and traffic for the -- nobody's in the air time. And he brought all of. Food I did I did and I'm very excited because you know he's just coming up yet. So for -- traditionally we like heat -- It's very. For me -- my favorite dishes so -- self. Photos show you how we prepare -- at the last for house so this storm by eastern do you do different kettle campaign. Just com. I mean typically we like to you do like a lamb chops like Iraq to -- him. -- doing you -- there was shoulder or do would like gravy or Lego land. But for me this is my favorite in almost -- the -- you've been using the big UN general -- useful or whatever you really like just have a lot of formal. So this poor little bit taller -- Okay we're gonna put some just now if you haven't not apology -- -- And yeah. I'll -- Yeah that's not a. You can understand a little bit more bright chrome OK we're gonna -- a little bit. For a lemon -- herein and in some fresh -- -- -- and it's often just wondering does and they are they are. But they're not sold that a lot where it's gonna really matter that -- and a little bit. -- -- You can bring it together. A little bit a -- and Jews. Mechanism that's a good in my same time they -- and -- It's meant hello remember we went. But it won't mean and we and -- -- There yet and -- because he isn't happening -- Give -- this golf I am excited -- credit that we -- -- we hear him. And basically we're gonna do is we're gonna and crossed the land -- this. All right you know so we're gonna put a little bit assault and he makes us all look so easy no this is actually Chris you don't -- look I just have a couple real simple ingredients. -- -- In the food processor mix them all made a little bit of a peace in the limited just a little bit olive oil to us just to. So it is best to -- and -- before yet she always -- layered missile from have a contract here who -- Sammy Mahan put a little bit on the top after. Certainly in -- and discriminate crossed this operatic madness. It is kind of pack -- -- that's why the all boil on the not oil really make it compact at just take a smell smoke. Melissa van -- -- good friend right. Now it may not not. It's time to eat a fancy just pack and a packet and put -- -- sheet -- 400 degrees for about 22 point five minutes. And and love and Barak -- that it is -- product. I loved plants in -- Friday. It's a special Easter I love of priest nerves highlighted in his community especially for Easter -- -- -- -- -- -- -- your -- this is something that I have my book and it's just a route it's all about -- -- have a good time right guys. It. Will be held on a -- -- that good. Silence and so very happy. And of course we got some beautiful -- that we made here I knew better -- candidates you know that is now that's what we do want to know a little bunny cake -- -- to celebrate Easter. And this -- the -- just should be an evening you'll want to a lot of fun. Haven't thought would -- done and feel like you could make this at home moved. Yeah. Honor and love and you if you have a little bit -- no -- and a little bit of practice even who his good is this is still limit is good. That's all that's about it you know this is -- perfect the democratic ticket sales. At a I've had a few well I that's -- -- Phil's in my day and that's what makes you a better life going to make you strive to do bigger better -- Great kids. Vision never ever give up BO is believe you going to be able to do it the matter what a green eyes. Nice time to bring all of this get a so he's staring at is you can -- -- -- and many other except monitoring -- -- the -- -- -- -- At eleven and we celebration celebrations that the whole -- with a cake box you can find it where everywhere everywhere. And he got a new bakery to you don't -- really unveils big Green -- is at the Venetian very excited about that. Really good gets off first -- away from home. They need award -- -- has been really good for me. Other than the -- -- -- -- Logan late understands what it has been really good we have a lot of great things going on. More victories over the -- do more television shows and that really trying to do things that -- -- -- -- enjoy. -- Italian everybody that comes to visit he says can we go to buddies I need to it is an -- it is like the hot spot next to seeing the statue of liberty. I don't tell don't post that you -- Thank you so much for they had guys. The man -- Leave the -- behind --

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{"duration":"5:27","description":"The \"Cake Boss\" makes a lamb chop and Easter basket cake on \"GMA.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23360308","title":"Buddy Valastro's Easter Cooking Tips","url":"/GMA/video/buddy-valastro-recipes-easter-lam-chop-cake-cake-23360308"}