California Amber Alert Suspect's Car Found in Idaho

San Diego County Sheriff says blue Nissan Versa belongs to suspected kidnapper James DiMaggio.
3:05 | 08/09/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for California Amber Alert Suspect's Car Found in Idaho
But sheriff bill gore join this morning by captain Duncan Frazier. And lieutenant -- G Antonio. We have an update and the -- missing. Children and search for James to Maggio. On Wednesday. A group of horseback riders. In. Cascades are about seventy miles northeast of Boise Idaho in. Outside of cascade Idaho came across. A man and a woman. That they believed after subsequent. Discussions when they return. Where possibly James to Maggio. And hand. Anderson the two individuals we've been obviously looking for for the last week. When they after they encountered these people at the time that the -- they didn't know that. There was an AMBER Alert issued for these two people they came back late Wednesday night. And upon seeing some news. Of the of the missing. Hannah and Maggio. Contacted local law enforcement. And led to a subsequent search for that vehicle in the area. This morning about 8 o'clock. The blue Nissan Versa. Was discovered covered in brush. The license plates had been removed. But local law enforcement in the area were able to confirm through the VIN number. That he vehicle did belong to him as -- Local law enforcement in the years the valley county and Ada county sheriff's department. The Idaho state police. The FBI. The US Marshal service customs and border protection. Of all joined in the search. For the machine. Hannah and James to Maggio. -- it is a wilderness area and extremely difficult terrain to navigate. -- the campers -- -- hikers came across. Them on Wednesday were on horseback and didn't return. Back -- late Wednesday night. We. Been in contact -- been in contact personally with media -- county sheriff. -- -- in this morning. -- -- the investigation. And will be working with all of the resources to brought to bear on on the search. Again it is a yeah very difficult terrain and we have a lot of resources or bring abortion -- some of our investigators. From San Diego up there to assist. With the search. The car will be examined by. Bomb and arson. Technicians in Idaho and -- -- can render that vehicle safe and then obviously further. Forensic examination will be done.

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{"id":19918739,"title":"California Amber Alert Suspect's Car Found in Idaho","duration":"3:05","description":"San Diego County Sheriff says blue Nissan Versa belongs to suspected kidnapper James DiMaggio.","url":"/GMA/video/california-amber-alert-suspects-car-found-idaho-19918739","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}