Carla Hall of 'The Chew' Whips Up Devilishly Delicious Treats

'GMA' anchors sample ghoulish finger-food fit for a frightful Halloween party.
3:42 | 10/31/13

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Transcript for Carla Hall of 'The Chew' Whips Up Devilishly Delicious Treats
And here we are as the party keeps on going. Celebrity-studded. I have to tell you, mr. Clooney, that was commitment, kowalski. That was commitment. We have invited the one and only carly hall from "the chew." For delicious halloween treats. I can't decide if we're committed to our characters or not. I'm the sweetish chef. The swedish chef from "the muppets." You have designed beautiful treats for the boo ball here. We're going to start with pumpkin pot pie. It is pumpkin pot pie. You have a big one. Vegetarian pot pie, with pumpkin inside. And then, miniatures. So cute. So cute. You can eat right out of inside. You can prepare this ahead. It is delicious. Help yourself. When you make the stew or the inside, the stuffing, are you roasting this pumpkin? You roast the pumpkin first. Then, you're going to make the stew in a pot. Then, you put the stew in the pumpkin. King joffrey, can I interest you in some stew? Thank you. Off with his head. Moving right along. Moving right along. Here I've got some chicken dumplings. It has ginger and scallions. It's so delicious. And a spicy soy sauce. It is absolutely delicious. Some of the same spices in the dipping sauce. You put these together. You pan-sere them. The wrapping? It's a wonton wrapper. Very easy. You can prepare these ahead. You can freeze them. But right now, they are delicious. And don't stuff them too full. There's a perfect amount of filling. You can put them in your mouth and talk to people. Kanye is giving me the stink eye over here. Keep it real, man. I will send it to you. Not you. You're too busy, I know. All right, swedish. We have min apples. These miniapples have crispy rice cereal and peanut butter inside. The crispy rice cereal on the outside, sprinkled. And very good. How hard to make? Very easy. You have to core them out. And then, you make your peanut butter and rice crispy mixture and stuff it inside. And before you do that, boil the apple to get the wax off. Boil the apple? Just put the apple in boiling water. Get all of the wax off so that the caramel sticks to your apple. And wash it all down with this mocktail. I see my whole career flash before my eyes. You and me both, baby. Come on in here. Cranberry juice. A little bit of ginger and lime juice. Delicious. Some gummi worms inside. You can get all of the recipes for your halloween boo ball at the website, goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! I hear good things about that program. And I do want to toast to one

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{"duration":"3:42","description":"'GMA' anchors sample ghoulish finger-food fit for a frightful Halloween party.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20738577","title":"Carla Hall of 'The Chew' Whips Up Devilishly Delicious Treats","url":"/GMA/video/carla-hall-chew-whips-devilishly-delicious-treats-20738577"}