Channing Tatum to Star as Merman in 'Splash' Remake

Lara Spencer reports the buzziest stories of the day in "GMA" Pop News.
2:24 | 08/02/16

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Transcript for Channing Tatum to Star as Merman in 'Splash' Remake
Had to come up with a new one. I've got "Pop news" for you. Channing Tatum news. He's set to show some skin in a new film and scales and fins for that matter. I guess, robin, our parent company Disney moving forward with a remake of the 1984 cult classic "Splash." This time it has a twist. The mermaid role made famous by Daryl Hannah will now go to Tatum who plays a Merriman. Merman. His character rescued a young buy fro drowning and returns 20 years later to give him an option of life on the land or under sea with her. That character played by Tom Hanks. Now it will go to Jillian who worked with Tatum on "22 jump street." Tatum will take on the role of producer for the classic reboot alongside Ron Howard and bring grazer who handled the -- Very cool idea. I think so. I'm glad you liked it. Also in "Pop news," Matthew mcconaughey true jack of all trades, Oscar winning actor, part-time professor at the university of Texas. Mcconnie announced his new gig as creative director for the bourbon brand wild Turkey. The ideas man as he calls himself will spearhead commercials and write and direct the spots as well as appear in the company's online documentaries, even recording music for this campaign giving fans something to drink to. If you have ever seen mcconaughey's ads for Lincoln automobiles, you know these will likely be very memorable and distinctly Matthew. They're saying it is a real job. This is a real job. He's truly enjoying it and fees like he has a message and said in his statement he wants to get his hands into the clay. Did you guys see what Ellen DeGeneres did a spoof on his car commercial? They're hilarious. Absolutely. A great recommendation. Finally in "Pop news" if you're feeling like a rebel on this Tuesday morning you are not alone. 1,000 rebels performed the David bowie classic. Check this out. ? it's not easy to sing a thousand musicians but they sure did it. A volunteer group called rockin' 1000 flawliless performing an epic tribute to the late rock star by covering his anthem "Rebel rebel" happened in Italy. At the end the band's leader addressed the crowds with words bowie lives by, stick together, no more conflict and play rock 'N' roll. That is good. That's "Pop news." Yeah, I thought that would get you going on this Tuesday

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{"duration":"2:24","description":"Lara Spencer reports the buzziest stories of the day in \"GMA\" Pop News. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"41064193","title":"Channing Tatum to Star as Merman in 'Splash' Remake","url":"/GMA/video/channing-tatum-star-merman-splash-remake-41064193"}