Charlie White, Sharna Burgess the Latest Booted From 'DWTS'

The dancers join "GMA" to explain their final moments on "Dancing With the Stars."
5:20 | 05/13/14

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Transcript for Charlie White, Sharna Burgess the Latest Booted From 'DWTS'
Let's go to Michael. We saw incredible dances on "Dancing with the stars'" semifinal. Some of you voted and your favorite was Meryl and Maks. But it was Charlie white and sharna burgess sent home. But first, ABC's Abbie Boudreau has the latest. ? Reporter: A shocking semifinale on "Dancing with the stars." The stars, choosing their favorite American icon as inspiration for their routine. Paralympian, Amy Purdy, getting a call from hers, Oprah. I'm telling you, when you win, I'm going to take you both out to dinner. Reporter: Actress Cameron Candace Bure, bringing out her nasty side with this performance. Earning her first 10 of the season. James has Maslow, channeling the king of pop with his cha-cha. It's hard to pull off Michael Jackson well. Reporter: Meryl Davis taking home two perfect scores for two perfect dances. Her partner, Maks, showering the judges with nothing but love. But in a shocking ending, Meryl's partner on the ice, Charlie white, sent home, just one week before the finale. Now, I can be a cheerleader. Team Meryl. Love you. Reporter: For "Good morning America," Abbie Boudreau, ABC news, Los Angeles. We're now joined by olympic gold medalist, Charlie white. And his partner, sharna burgess. Thank you. Thank you. Welcome. Kind of sad you're here. And you got a standing ovation. Bruno said you went from Fred astaire to baryshnikov. Does that limit the blow from being eliminated from the competition? The fact we were able to make some special dances, makes it a little easier. We're disappointed because we're so close to the final. And to be able to have one last competitive dance with each other would have been special. But I think just the journey itself. We're thankful for all of the opportunities. And the friendship we now have. You know, the big "Dancing with the stars" family. We're a part of it now. You went out strong. Went out really strong. I remember Carrie Ann saying after one of your dances, she wanted to live in Charlie's world. You got to do that for nine weeks. What was it like? Charlie's world can be kind of crazy. We were doing all of this traveling for the stars on ice tour. That was really insane. But it was wonderful to be part of Charlie's world. He taught me so much about positivity and the outlook on life. And not sweating the small stuff. It was as wonderful as I was the coach and the teacher to learn something from him, too. And like he said, we have a wonderful friendship now. I think that's even more valuable. You learned a lot, Charlie. A lot of questions coming in. Anita wanted to know, will you incorporate any of your new dances into your ice skating? Anytime you learn a new way to move your body, it's going to help you. Especially in figure skating. You know, you're always learning. You're always finding new ways to express yourself and be better. So much what we're doing on the ice is based on ballroom dancing. But we're insecure because we know we're not doing it the right way. But for Meryl and myself, now we know what we're doing. It's going to make it more special. It's hard to believe that someone who can dance on these little blades, and then to dance on their feet. Of moving. The way you hold your partner. The way you lead. The center of gravity -- it's completely different. And you know, learned that the hard way. I expected it to be easier, honestly. It was incredibly difficult. But I learned a lot. You said right after, you are now on team Meryl. 17 years y'all are together on the ice and then competed against each other. What were those emotions like? We talked a lot about it. It was a popular question. But for us, think, coming off winning an olympic gold medal, achieving our life long stream together. We were in it together. Even if technically we were competing against each other. We were so proud to see the other one out there doing their thing. I'm so proud of how well Meryl is doing. And how well she's represented herself. I'm team Meryl. Go, Meryl. You should be proud of yourself, with sharna, as well. You were incredible. Sorry you're here with us. Two-night finale of "Dancing with the stars" begins on Monday, 8:00 eastern time, 7:00 central. And you can catch all four remaining couples right here on Wednesday, may 21st. It is a party. I will bring my dancing shoes. Let's throw it to Lara and

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{"id":23693777,"title":"Charlie White, Sharna Burgess the Latest Booted From 'DWTS'","duration":"5:20","description":"The dancers join \"GMA\" to explain their final moments on \"Dancing With the Stars.\"","url":"/GMA/video/charlie-white-sharna-burgess-latest-booted-dwts-23693777","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}