Cheryl Burke to return to 'Dancing With the Stars'

The pro dancer speaks out live on "GMA" about her return to the ballroom for the upcoming season.
3:32 | 09/04/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cheryl Burke to return to 'Dancing With the Stars'
Point five here. A few weeks away and this morning we're reviewing what more professional dancer. Heading back to the book they thought they got a Malo now there's little rcn dance an incredible in nineteen season won the mirror ball twice. We see their real fan favorite let's do this Sarah come on out. Okay. Okay. It. What brought what brings you back and are you excited about it. Last year against with Bryant locked deep it has been. A seat in the I've missed so far as my twentieth season and this so happy to be back it's an anniversary significant Felix Garcia 25 and for me some very excited and you then had disappeared twentieth season but in venison seasons to annul the sun has changed a lot not getting all visual but I know that's an added but it's still out what what has changed so much I mean just the production value from. You know why eating said that create and then the music in the level for assurance teams let me I couldn't do any of the routine that you see you back in season two entry. And mean seasons when he by the it'd just be better than ever and that mirror ball trophy I hear is going to be amazing and I needed them. Any fights back. Okay. Yeah. At a rodeo themed values Villa has had good drew. Absolutely yes and not also and it's meant as well hello within season three. So blame here that's slowly falling off the mere thought I had I think it's that time for anyone hey dope yeah there were revealing we make cheap mirror balls that. That's the big reveal the morning thank you very nice. About the fact they use are located he grabbed him when you are not on this program minority or around the world and you've been dancing since -- four yes there a lot of young dancers out there that would say shall tell me when I started that too early and are now never too early too early it started that war. And I haven't stopped since and he just follow your dreams and never give up and don't listen to those dance moms out there. Any idea who your partners going to be can use any hints. He's a guy Collins yeah I think about it that's about it but I'm you'll see they'll cast Wednesday so did. Okay. Then they kept it. Is there something though he said this mission has changed in advance so much as or something you've never done that you saying I got to do with this season. God I think just you know getting a lot of like the troupe dancers involved in our performance says. Really changing changing it up a little bit not just doing arm choreography but adding. He now let temporary or jazz. And honestly I guess I just need that you hear about prompting the parent that I really don't know if I. You may have already sent this message but before we go do you have any message to send your competitors as we headed to season when he. Well since ABC promise as you know in the season and everyone did this past five. At WOK. And I did make me very bleak update. You know just have a great time that some. I've been there done that kind of cell I was gonna have a great time and everyone eyes which everyone luck. It's going to be a great yeah. Because that's Wednesday right here in Yemen.

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{"id":49604945,"title":"Cheryl Burke to return to 'Dancing With the Stars' ","duration":"3:32","description":"The pro dancer speaks out live on \"GMA\" about her return to the ballroom for the upcoming season. ","url":"/GMA/video/cheryl-burke-return-dancing-stars-49604945","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}