Clemson Players React to National Championship Win

Jordan Leggett and Maverick Morris describe their team's fourth-quarter rally to defeat Alabama in the College Football Playoff National Championship game in Tampa, Florida.
4:00 | 01/10/17

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Transcript for Clemson Players React to National Championship Win
We are back now with Clemson national champions. Jordan leg get and we spoke just moments ago. Hey, Jordan and maverick, I got to say I'm sure your teammates are still out celebrating so we're thankful you came on to talk with us this morning. Is it true you're roommates? We are roommates and we definitely could have missed a chance to talk to Michael Strahan, I mean, it's once in a lifetime opportunity. I got to say congratulations to both of you and the rest of your team on an epic win. One second left in the game. You did it in such dramatic fashion so how does it feel for both of you to be national champions when you came so close last year? It's pretty ridiculous. I'm not going to say. I mean just this whole season we went through the adversity, this offense believed in itself and I just want to say I mean we ended it with a fairy tale ending I want to say almost. It's been pretty special. As a kid you dream of playing college football and then to reach the top of the mountain, so to speak, at that dream, it's just unbelievable. Your teammate Ben Boulware, he gave an incredibly emotional speech after the game. What kind of message do you both want to send out there to the rest of the Clemson tiger nation. Just to this team this year we set the bar extremely high and I mean like Ben Boulware said it's for those games that came before us and built the foundation and we're just age to capitalize and make the most of it. 35 years since they won a national championship and it feels good to be national champions again and just going forward, I mean like I said we set the bar high so future Clemson tigers can go out and defend the title and hopefully it won't be 35 years before we are back for another national championship. I know Ben is hoping it's not 35 years. Ben hopes that next year actually and also, maverick, as well. You have the mascot next to you. You have cheerleaders behind you. Everybody is so quiet, you are national champions, forget about that. Everybody, make some noise and get excited about this. That's what I'm talking about. Hey, congratulations to you, Jordan, congratulations to you, maverick, you both enjoy yourselves, get some rest whenever you can and congratulations on being national champions. You guys very well deserved it. Thank you. Thank you, Michael. They win altaba a national championship and get to talk to Michael Strahan. Life is good. Feeling pretty good. I get to talk to them. I was never a national champion in college many I'm surprised those two probably never went to sleep. I bet they have not. Yes, there was another star, though, Jesse, we'll go back to you in Tampa. The other star of the game, tell us about him. Yeah, Michael, I didn't go to sleep either so here I am. There wasn't another big star on the field yesterday. But this star was wearing white and black stripes. It was referee Mike Defee. And he became an overnight internet sensation. Check out why. The twitterverse absolutely exploding over the gun show during the coin toss of last night's game. There were people writing in things like forget the players, I want guns like the referee in the national championship game and where do I get a workout like that? How can I find airports like this? I just can't simply stop staring at this guy's arms. Defee says his main workout is trying to do his referee job to the best of his abilities but also kind of hands out free advice which apparently I could use with these scrawny quarterback arms, guys. This was my favorite move right here. I like this one. Whenever a play led to this. Whatever this move means. There are no buttons on that shirt because they would have flown off. Jesse, what was it like being at the game last night, Jesse? It was unbelievable, robin. The energy was electric. I think what the coolest part about that game, two great fan bases in Alabama and Clemson. Awesome energy. The entire time at the end Clemson deserving to win. Glad that you were there for us, Jesse, come on home safely. Tell everybody hey for us.

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{"duration":"4:00","description":"Jordan Leggett and Maverick Morris describe their team's fourth-quarter rally to defeat Alabama in the College Football Playoff National Championship game in Tampa, Florida.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44673660","title":"Clemson Players React to National Championship Win","url":"/GMA/video/clemson-players-react-national-championship-win-44673660"}