Cornell Fraternity Suspended Following Sexual Assault Arrest

Frat president Wolfgang Ballinger, 21, was charged with attempted rape.
2:17 | 02/07/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cornell Fraternity Suspended Following Sexual Assault Arrest
First, new denails a case of the frat president at the elite ivy league school now facing shocking charges. 21-year-old Wolfgang Ballinger, a student at Cornell university's school of hotel administration is accused of rape. Cornell's president is speaking out. Reporter: The frat's president, a son of a prominent New York businessman is facing three felony charges. Inside these court documents, disturbing details about what went on. This morning, new details from the night the president of an elite Cornell university fraternity was accused of raping a woman on campus. The in the felony complaint, Cornell police record Wolfgang Ballinger brought his alleged victim to his room and then shut and locked his room door. The woman told told the investigators she verbally protested sexual advantaging several times. The suppose from which they took it from the purview and brought it to a criminal setting suggests that the prosecution believes they have a strong case. Reporter: In a statement to ABC news, Ballin fwrks ea's attorney saying he's note guilty. He describes his work experiences and hopes for the future in a video from December. I was taught the value of hard work, and self-made work. Reporter: Detailing his time at a nightclub. I opened a bar in my father's concert hall and music -- Reporter: Cornell's president releasing this statement. Sexual violence has no place at Cornell. We'll be considering what steps to take to make sure the Greek community at Cornell is living up to our stand of excellence. The police say reports of sexual crimes on campus are rare. So many times these incidents go unreported. A huge story on campuses across the country. Let's go over the indra

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{"duration":"2:17","description":"Frat president Wolfgang Ballinger, 21, was charged with attempted rape.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"36771085","title":"Cornell Fraternity Suspended Following Sexual Assault Arrest","url":"/GMA/video/cornell-fraternity-suspended-sexual-assault-arrest-36771085"}