Credit Card Thieves Caught on Tape Using Skimmers

Police say thieves have swiped customers' credit card info from fast food drive-thrus and gas pumps.
5:02 | 06/27/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Credit Card Thieves Caught on Tape Using Skimmers
You are watching a raise and breed of credit car thief caught on tape miss it. -- again this McDonald's drive through attendant in Florida -- -- each credit card. Twice once charged for the food and again. Through something cold case -- Which steals the card's details crooks can use that -- to -- New York cars and spend. A fortune. This -- -- bandit Boca Raton got caught pled guilty and is on two years' probation. Police say he was stealing credit card digits of up to seventy customers every single shift -- -- -- clarion drove away with their bank in -- But here's the thing these electronics gamers are now so good -- they don't even need human took already. This is an alleged crook is searching for rate -- -- device in stole didn't sign and gas pump in Arizona. Automatically. Steals your credit card info if you pay at the pump this -- caught on camera. And Covert staying -- the -- for people. Goes in there for whatever reason they're not there anymore. I know why because I have. -- on tipped us off this burgeoning crime and he's the one who's what is next that is skimming -- -- -- night -- -- -- We may have the first ever video. Organized bad guys actually trying to -- troops gamers dance -- you go. -- -- mind was that up here. Unless you're looking like this -- -- -- -- Madden not -- recently banned skimming device inside one of his bombs sent there from months he had no idea. Rebecca little matchbox and that city with about -- -- for the medal. Skimming all across this country is -- so bad that Steve's parents and the United States Secret Service. -- same guys who protect the president -- are now on the case are you winning the war. It's even right now. What we're doing our best that was certainly could use more help they're getting help from police department's tip offs from gas station owners and just wait until you meet one of their former secret weapon this. Somebody turn my partner and and he turned me. And if Billy -- is a reformed credit card Garrett. Who switched sides he was -- by the Secret Service and then spent his years training agents in the skimming. So this is the reader that will be inside the gas pump and so you would just swipe it through. And they would read it right here. They get into those -- believe it or not there's a universal. Key that opens most. Gas pump doors. That's universally as a universal key. -- the same -- -- Massachusetts all of the California. Violent on line. Some of the newer devices actually -- cell phone network to transmit the data so bad guy can -- your credit card numbers without ever risking a return to the -- How much is my number -- -- -- anywhere from five dollars maybe thirty dollars. So how do we stunt guys like -- from going on shopping sprees with your credit card -- Well the Arizona department of weights and measures is trying to stop this high tech heist. Source who had checking for skimming devices and it was when they found this debris in this part of that they had their bright idea to track. -- that this gamers and and certainly one of these little night. These and spy cams in the back of the distance. Is that -- video from their operation to AM and a black SUV -- into the gas station picked up surveillance camera. Police tell us one guy blocks the attendant -- and two people hunched over the toughest. Bingo here's the view from the camera inside this game again and safe and apparently a man and woman team cold bread and we have here we have god. And I have this they -- -- skimming start figuring. So it's almost like a husband wife team arguing about. You know where's the car keys and the cops are still searching for mr. and mrs. skipper. So what -- can you do to protect yourself and your credit card digits while gas station -- are seeking new ways to protect their pumps like locks and alarms. Here are some other things that you can -- Check your -- most credit card companies will suck up any -- if you reported within sixty days. Choose wisely choose -- -- near the attendance givers preferred target -- in genetics. And hey inside it's time consuming. But it's a whole lot safer -- I'm nick -- overnight and sent.

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{"duration":"5:02","description":"Police say thieves have swiped customers' credit card info from fast food drive-thrus and gas pumps.","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24330620","title":"Credit Card Thieves Caught on Tape Using Skimmers","url":"/GMA/video/credit-card-thieves-caught-tape-skimmers-24330620"}