Cuba Libre: Rum, Cigars and a Trip to Havana

What Obama’s new Cuba policy means for you.
4:22 | 01/06/15

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Transcript for Cuba Libre: Rum, Cigars and a Trip to Havana
Hello and welcome to power play an ABC news feed. Correspondent. And today we can be to me. Whitman the conversation. With a lot of back to Cuba Peter one. One of the first changes we're gonna see here the first danger to see is. US citizens who come to you about going back with a couple bottles of prominent box stars have to do. For years now. Especially hopefully you're going to see. Credit. Extended by the multi lateral institutions to Cuba to buy more goods. From the United States this could be injured changes scholarly academic secretary of state John Kerry says he's coming to Havana. By the time this summit of the Americas takes place and 2015. I think that the whole world is going to be acclimated to the idea of the United States either really have normal diplomatic relations the past is going to fade quickly. I think the future's going to be a whole lot more promising. So the 1950s. Which we will all romanticize about godfather movies and still pictures in the old cars that are here. How much of a returned to of that atmosphere and will there be or is that really gone forever. I think the Cuban revolution is change Cuban history forever. You've really in the fifties before the revolution you know was run by thuggish dictatorship. But by the look and feel Baptiste and even a return to normal relations United States isn't going to re wind the clock back to the team it. We're just going to deal with Cuba as. You don't normally we every other country. So we're standing in the middle of the square that was built in fact we we rehabilitated. To accommodate the tourism. That Havana hopes will be here and in fact already there are Europeans of of all. Countries and Canada and. Japanese and Chinese the whole world really travels to you except for US citizens. So what are Americans missing that they might get in the next five years they're missing their opportunity to. I spent time on a beautiful Caribbean island. They're missing their opportunity to hear that music. You better. Lawrence a history that has been dominated by AM. Intervention of course this little such. I haven't and I think that. Q is that bitter fruit the if you will that has attracted a lot of people who want people come here they find that they love it that is going to be the case in the US. Travelers we're gonna come obviously with the open policy Barack Obama. Through these changes. We intend to create more opportunities for the American and Cuban people. Why now why was an imperative this be done now. Barack Obama had really three imperatives one very immediate mental health Allan Grossman USA ID subcontractor. We've been in a Cuban prison for five years. The second period it was a reason why both Cuba for the first time and United States have been invited to the summit next April in Panama. And Barack Obama had to take some steps. It change you policy if he wasn't registered hammer. At this regional summit in finally. His legacy is at stake here and he really has only a short window of time to make a dramatic change in US foreign policy it himself. Has been saying since he was elected. You win it six years ago needed to. Done. What I certain what. Having my entire administration's acknowledged his is that the policy we've had in place for fifty years hasn't worked the way we wanted to. This happened because really the president of the and it states this is the first one who really want it. He has done what no president since Eisenhower has done fundamentally. Changed and mores US policy. Daring the hands of the past and gave him an excellent mechanism in US Cuban relations and really is he's good at. Beginning to write a new chapter for future US Cuban relations. And that's it more power players I'm ABC news senior national correspondent Jim Bob good thanks for watching it on ABC news and young.

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{"id":28016340,"title":"Cuba Libre: Rum, Cigars and a Trip to Havana","duration":"4:22","description":"What Obama’s new Cuba policy means for you.","url":"/GMA/video/cuba-libre-rum-cigars-trip-havana-28016340","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}